Ricoh to begin providing the “RICOH360 app” for a cross-industry 360 platform service that optimizes business and improves productivity

On September 12, 2023 (Tue.), Ricoh will begin providing the app of RICOH360 which is a service that optimizes business and improves productivity. This service seamlessly links the 360-degree camera RICOH THETA with software and cloud services to provide new value to business sites using 360-degree data.


At the same time, Ricoh will also open a RICOH360 website to provide information for better understanding of RICOH360.

RICOH360 is a cross-industry 360 platform service that provides media management functions that can effectively use 360-degree data with 360-degree images and videos captured using a 360-degree camera as well as device management functions that can centrally manage multiple THETA cameras in the cloud, through seamless integration of 360-degree cameras, software, and cloud services.

Until now, 360-degree images and videos captured with a THETA camera needed to be transferred to a smartphone or the Internet. However, by linking the THETA camera and RICOH360 app, images and videos are now uploaded automatically to the cloud. Therefore, as an example, on-site staff can quickly share images and videos they have taken with staff in other locations via the cloud.

Also, multiple THETA cameras can be centrally managed in the cloud to provide visualization of their operation status, enabling the cameras to be optimally placed and errors to be detected, which improves operational efficiency. This central management also allows you to remotely batch update the firmware on THETA cameras at the work site, which also leads to improved business efficiency.

Furthermore, functions that use Ricoh’s image processing technology, such as AI image correction and AI human blurring, are also available for effective use of 360-degree images.

These device management functions and media management functions are provided with the API and SDK. This enables integration with the services provided by all service providers. Choose RICOH360 for all your needs relating to 360-degree image and video services.

Features of “RICOH360”

Various functions are available in the RICOH360 app.

• Images and videos captured with THETA cameras are automatically uploaded to the cloud, and can be shared at multiple locations.

• THETA cameras are centrally managed with the cloud, which provides visualization of the operation status of THETA cameras and enables them to be remotely operated.

• Editing functions that use Ricoh’s unique image process technology are available to effectively use 360-degree images.

• Up to 10 GB of cloud storage is available for use.

• 360-degree images and videos captured with THETA cameras can be viewed in a list using the album function.

* The app functions will be updated sequentially after the app is released.

■RICOH360 compatible models



•  RICOH THETA SC2 for Business



*  Restrictions apply for some functions on the RICOH THETA SC2 and V.


■RICOH360 app

•  Smartphone app

   App Store: 


  Google Play: 

•  Web app


*Some functions, such as the shooting function and automatic upload function, are only supported by the smartphone app.

■RICOH360 website

The RICOH360 website has been renewed as a website that promotes the “cross-industry 360 platform service”.

Along with this renewal, the THETA product website ( has been integrated into the RICOH360 website.

RICOH360 website: