Notification of the release of a new RICOH THETA plug-in

A new RICOH THETA plug-in has been released to the public.

The new functions of the plug-in are as follows.


<THETA Plug-in Application>

■HDRI-X Plug-in

Ricoh will release the plug-in “HDRI-X” that creates high dynamicrange images compatible with the RICOH THETA X.

Normally, to create high dynamic range images (EXR), it wasnecessary to perform the lengthy process of shooting an image with the cameraand then editing it on a PC before creating EXR data. The HDRI plug-in enablesyou to use only THETA to simply press the shutter button once to perform theprocess from shooting to image editing. Created high dynamic range images containinformation with a wide range of brightness difference. This allows you to usethem for ambient lighting when creating CG and rendering, which enables you toreproduce shades of light so that it feels as though you are actually in thespace where the image was taken.


With this plug-in, the same effect as the plug-in “HDRI” releasedfor the RICOH THETA Z1 can be obtained on the RICOH THETA X.


* The RICOH THETA X does not support RAW image saving and burstshooting. This plug-in also does not support these.


* This plug-in does not support saving images to microSDXC cards.All images are saved in the internal memory of the camera. Remove the microSDXCcard from the camera, and then connect the camera to a computer with a USBcable to retrieve each data.


Compatible models: RICOH THETA X


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