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Hibiya Engineering, Ltd. is mainly engaged in the four main equipment businesses of air conditioning, sanitation, electricity, and information and communication, and contributes to the creation of a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for social life, as well as to the preservation of the global environment. We interviewed Mr. Takashi Ota and Mr. Katsuhisa Shimamura, Deputy General Manager of the Engineering Service Administrations Headquarters,  about the purpose of introducing RICOH360 Projects to the entire company.


1. Convenience of checking the site from the office or on the road

ーWhat made you consider RICOH360 Projects?


Our company has been using RICOH THETA (THETA) for a long time, and we have been using it in the field. It's efficient because you can capture all the surroundings with just one click of the shutter. When I realized the effectiveness of 360° images, I found out about RICOH360 Projects, which allows you to share the images in the cloud, and I wanted to try it out.

With RICOH360 Projects, we can easily check the status of a site using a web browser without having to visit the site. It seems that everyone is beginning to understand how convenient this is.

2. Improving the efficiency of construction management in the construction industry starts with reducing the burden of travel time and waiting time.

ーWhat effects do you expect from the introduction of RICOH360 Projects?


In the past, it was commonplace for construction workers to go to the construction site to do their work, and in addition to construction work and administrative work that involved manufacturing, information management work such as process management, quality management, and safety management was often done on site. This way of working has made the construction industry an industry with long hours. Even those who work at a desk have to go out to the site to do a quick check.
Even if the distance to the site is only a few minutes, changing into work clothes and going through the site entry and exit procedures can take up to an hour. If the site is far away, half of the workday may be spent traveling. If we can reduce the burden of travel and use it for other tasks, productivity will increase.


With THETA, you can record the entire interior of a room with just one press of the shutter, so even parts of the room that are not necessary for your work will be recorded. For this reason, efficiency can be improved through inter-departmental collaboration, for example, by having the person in charge of safety management use the photos taken by the person at the construction site and uploaded to the RICOH360 Projects cloud.

RICOH360 Projects can also be used for communication between branch offices and the work site, allowing users to handwrite or annotate items that need to be corrected on the 360° image and communicate them to the work site.

日比谷様サンプル (3)_ぼかし_トリミング2A handwritten instruction on a 360° image: "No plot display" (left). The person in charge at the site saw this and reported the placement of the red cone on the RICOH360 Projects (right).

RICOH360 projects use example

Example of instructions on a 360° image to explain the use of a drainage trap attached to a pipe to the next person in charge.


While using this service to record the current status of the site during renovation work, we felt that it could also be used to record the progress of new construction work. By regularly taking panoramic photos of the entire site and stocking them in the cloud, we can record the construction status of the site as evidence. Even after the interior decoration process, we can check what kind of pipes and ducts are behind the scenes later. It can also be used to report corrections after the finishing check.

3. Easy operation and generous support for all users

What considerations did you make for the company-wide implementation?


We learned of the existence of RICOH360 Projects in October 2020, and after testing the system at some sites from January 2021, we officially decided to introduce it company-wide in March. Training was completed in July, and the system is now being used company-wide. In order for the entire company to use the system, the functions needed to be simple and easy to use. Also, training and backups are necessary so that anyone can use the system. Since Ricoh is a major company, we felt very secure in these aspects.

For example, for the training on how to use the system, Ricoh's staff conducted on-site and online training at each of our offices and sites, and video recorded the training so that we could watch it later at any time. We also received a special, easy-to-understand version of the manual that summarizes the main points, and the company has provided us with direct support whenever we have problems using the system after its introduction.


Online training screen with a concise special edition manual.

4. RICOH360 Projects is the first step toward construction DX

ーFinally, please tell us about your future plans for using RICOH360 Projects.


In fiscal year 2021, Hibiya Engineering began working on "Digital Transformation (Construction DX)" to transform the construction industry with digital technology. By attaching wearable cameras to the helmets of field personnel and installing stationary portable cameras at job sites, the company aims to improve construction management efficiency by automatically recording images of job sites.

By utilizing camera systems including RICOH360 Projects and introducing and expanding various DX tools, we are aiming to further improve safety quality and productivity. We would like to establish a base for construction DX through trial and error from a small start.

Thank you very much for your valuable talk. We hope that you will continue to use RICOH360 Projects in a variety of ways.

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