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In the wake of COVID19, online activities are accelerating not only in marketing activities but also in sales activities. As a result, more and more companies are using virtual tours in their business scenes, which allow them to share their space in an attractive way online.

Virtual tour has the advantage of being able to convey information about a space that cannot be conveyed through still pictures or video by publishing it on a website or SNS. However, it is expected that more and more companies will use virtual tour not only as a means of conveying the appeal of a space, but also as a means of acquiring leads and contracts.

In this article, We would like to introduce the "Lead Generator”, which is a unique function of RICOH360 Tours, its functions and how it can be used in business situations.


What is the Lead Generator function?

Lead generator is a function that allows you to capture customer information from virtual tour. If you set certain images to be hidden in the virtual tour, visitors will need to fill their contact information in the input form that appears to view the hidden images. When the visitor clicks on the hidden image, the following screen will be displayed.

Sample tour :

When a visitor fills in his or her contact information, the visitor will receive an email with a link to the complete tour, where he or she can also view images that have been set to be hidden. The contact information entered by the visitors will be emailed to the tour creator and team members.

How to set up :


In what situations can it be used?

By using a lead generator, virtual tour can become a powerful marketing tool for acquiring leads. Since it enables you not only to acquire leads but also to nurture prospective customers and sell to them with a heightened level of interest, you can expect to improve the closing rates. As a concrete example, here is an image of its use in real estate sales.

Case 1: Lead Acquisition

You take a picture of the property you want to introduce to your customers with the RICOH THETA 360° camera and create a virtual tour with RICOH360 Tours. And set up specific images and an input form on the virtual tour with the Lead Generator function on the virtual tour you created.

You can publish URLs and embed tags with virtual tour. Setting up your virtual tour to appear on your business's website, your portal site, and social networking sites, the property information you provide to your customers will be more informative than that of other companies and you will win their trust.

Customers who are serious about buying a property will want to take a virtual tour of every room in the property, not just some. A lead generator is a function that allows such customers to enter their contact information. By now, the only way to do this has been to let the customer contact you through your website or portal site by giving them your contact information. This raises a psychological bar for customers to contact you, and you may lose customers in the early stages of consideration.

Giving customers the option of entering their contact information to view a virtual tour of a property they are interested in will maximize the number of leads you acquire, as it will lower the psychological bar compared to contacting a salesperson suddenly.

Case 2: Acquiring Business Contacts

After a customer enters their contact information to view all the virtual tours, you will receive their contact information via email. You will get the customer's name, email address, and phone number so you can start sales activities right away.

And since you can grasp which properties your customers have entered their contact information to view virtual tours of, you can understand their interests and preferences and make a sales plan to introduce them to other properties that will increase your closing rates.

Case 3: Nurturing Leads

Some customers consider the purchase of real estate properties on a long-term basis. By regularly delivering property information even to customers who have lost interest, you can capture the timing when their buying intention increases and lead them to make a contract.

By providing with virtual tours of the properties you have created via email regularly, your customers will fill out a form to view all of the virtual tours if there are any properties that interest them. It enables you to contact your customers repeatedly.


RICOH360 Tours is more than just creating virtual tours.

Creating virtual tours is not the goal in business, RICOH360 Tours aims to be a tool that enables users to solve business flow issues by virtual tours.

The Lead Generator is a function that enables you to acquire leads from virtual tours, and contributes to lead nurturing and improvement of closing rates. Lead Generator can be used with all plans of RICOH360 Tours. We hope you will make use of it in your business.


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