Capture your AirGo Effortless Virtual Sites
with Ricoh Theta 360°.
Visualise your construction sites in 360°
anytime, anywhere.
Traverse to any moments in your project
like a time capsule.

What's Airgo?

AirGo helps Project Managers in construction projects spend less time on unproductive site walks, and get more visibility on their site progress.Traditional site progress documentation involves laborious site visits and disorganised updates. Un-digitised and subjective, progress claims are often delayed.We built the simplest construction time capsule that allows the project team to capture a 360° “google street view” of the project site and remotely traverse to any moments in the project to stay-in-control of progress.

You can create your AirGo virtual site in 3 simple steps

Step 1 : Capture with AirGo Mobile App with Ricoh Theta V, SC2 or Z1 camera.Ricoh Theta’s speed of capture and low lighting adjustments makes it a handy companion for any site engineers looking for a simple and fast capturing experience. Theta’s range of cameras provide high image quality and cost effectiveness that best suits your project budget.
Step 2 : Visualise your 360° virtual sites on AirGo Mobile or Web.
Step 3 : Share and Annotate progress and issues via AirGo Cloud.

Features and Images