Make the right decisions faster with the industry-leading 3D spatial digital twin platform and Ricoh Theta 360°camera!

Compatible with Ricoh 360 cameras, Cupix makes it a breeze to integrate 3D spatial data into your workflow.

Cupix stands at the forefront of 3D virtual tour technology, offering users the unique advantage of effortlessly transforming 360-degree photos into fully navigable, accurate 3D environments. Its advanced stitching algorithms and automated processing streamline the creation of immersive virtual tours, making it an indispensable tool for diverse industries.

Ricoh cameras play a pivotal role in the capturing process, serving as an essential element that empowers users to create high-quality 360-degree content. With their seamless integration into the Cupix platform, Ricoh cameras streamline the process of capturing visuals for 3D virtual tours, providing accurate source material that forms the foundation of immersive and accurate virtual environments. The combination of Ricoh cameras and Cupix facilitates the creation of compelling and engaging visual experiences that cater to industries ranging from construction to insurance and beyond.

Features and Images