Bring your visual documentation to the next level

Start capturing your project

From idea to facility management, Dalux allows an organization to manage the whole construction life-cycle on one platform. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface has made it the number one solution for BIM Managers and workers alike around the world.

For simple photo documentation of a specific area or location, use Dalux with almost any RICOH 360 camera. Connect it to the Dalux app and within a matter of seconds get a full visual recollection of your project from start to finish.

With over 100,000 images been captured daily within our platform and the help of RICOH cameras, we have the experience and capabilities to be the capture solution for your project.

SiteWalk by Dalux is a new reality capture feature that allows easier and faster visual documentation than ever before. Site inspections and walkthroughs can be automized using the Dalux mobile app and a 360° camera. SiteWalk is available both with Dalux Field during construction and with Dalux FM, for Facility Management.

Features and images

One Platform Solution

The user-friendly features of Dalux work in combination with SiteWalk, in the same system where communication and sharing of information is already done across all project participants, in one single project with one single log in.

  • Dalux Box: Latest version of drawings and models
  • Dalux Field: Identify and resolve issues on site.
  • Dalux FM: Document and revisit building remotely.