Explorations360 empowers you to create and share immersive 360° experiences on any device, including computers, tablets, smartphones, and all VR headsets, reaching your audience on any device, anywhere.

Create, Enhance, Share: Virtual Reality Made Simple

Explorations360 enables clients to independently create, enhance, and share high-value interactive virtual reality experiences. No technical knowledge needed; easily publish 360° experiences for various sectors (training, marketing, real estate, HR) on the web or VR headsets.

To ensure high-quality immersive experiences, Explorations360 has chosen RICOH THETA cameras for their numerous advantages in 360° imaging. With resolution up to 23 MP and 4K, ease of use, image stability, compact design, excellent low-light capture, and perfect integration with our post-production tools, they meet all our requirements.

Features and Images

Max Sauer - VR in the world of fine arts

Discover how Quentin Le Bail, export sales manager at Max Sauer, uses the VR Explorations360 content creation platform to transform the company's approach to the world of fine arts. When a company specializing in Fine Arts created in 1793 continues to innovate!

Paris Agricultural Show 2023 - VR in biotech

Paris Agricultural Show 2023, VR and Biotechnologies experience thanks to the suitcases distribution of explorations360 headsets: Interview with Eléonore LEPRETTRE Director of communications and public affairs at Phyteis.