FLOORFY provides virtualization solutions for real estate agencies, allowing them to digitalize their property portfolios.

Ricoh360 and Floorfy Virtual Tours Partnership

Floorfy, renowned for revolutionizing real estate marketing through innovative virtual tour technologies, has announced a significant partnership with Ricoh360. This collaboration is poised to transform how real estate professionals showcase properties, merging Ricoh360's cutting-edge 360-degree camera technology with Floorfy's robust virtual tour software.

What is Floorfy 


Floorfy offers a comprehensive digital platform for real estate agents that automates the creation of virtual real estate content and 3D tours, providing agents with tools to enhance online property listings. The platform includes features such as automatic 3D virtual tours, automated floor plans, real-time video calls, and interactive property features, available 24/7 to meet the dynamic needs of today's real estate market.


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Three Key Features of Floorfy's Services

  • Automatic Virtual Tours: Our platform automates the creation of virtual tours from 360° images captured by Ricoh THETA cameras. This process simplifies the workflow for agents, allowing them to focus on sales while providing clients with a detailed and immersive viewing experience.
  • Floorplans: With just a few clicks, agents can generate detailed and accurate floor plans based on the 360° images taken with the Ricoh THETA cameras. This tool is invaluable for buyers looking to understand the layout and potential of a property without the need for physical site visits.
  • Video Calls: Integrate real-time video calls into your virtual tours, allowing agents to guide potential buyers through properties remotely. This feature not only saves time but also adds a personal touch to the remote viewing experience, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.


Explore All Floorfy Features

Beyond automatic virtual tours, floor plans, and video calls, Floorfy provides a rich array of additional features designed to empower real estate professionals. These include HD photo and video extraction, multi language property descriptions, 3D model creation, measuring precisly anything within the tours, and the ability to host live open-house events, all accessible through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Camera Integration with Ricoh THETA

Floorfy integrates seamlessly with Ricoh THETA cameras, allowing real estate agents to effortlessly capture high-quality 360° images connecting it to Floorfy's native iOS or Android apps. This partnership enables agents to enhance their property presentations with immersive, detailed virtual tours, significantly elevating the online viewing experience for potential buyers.

Detailed Benefits of the Ricoh360 and Floorfy Partnership

The synergy between Ricoh360's sophisticated camera technology and Floorfy's virtual tour software offers numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Visual Quality: Ricoh THETA cameras capture high-resolution images that make virtual tours incredibly vivid and detailed, appealing directly to the visual preferences of potential buyers.
  • Increased Accessibility: With 360° views, buyers can explore every angle of a property from the comfort of their home, making it easier for agents to reach a broader audience.
  • Efficiency in Listings: The integration allows agents to create and update listings faster, providing up-to-date visual content that is essential for attracting and engaging buyers.

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Case Studies and Testimonials

Several case studies highlight the effectiveness of the Ricoh360 and Floorfy partnership. Real estate agencies have reported a noticeable increase in engagement on listings featuring virtual tours created with Ricoh cameras and Floorfy's platform. Testimonials from users praise the ease of use and the quality of the visual content, noting that these tools have helped them close deals faster and more efficiently.


The partnership between Ricoh360 and Floorfy represents a forward-thinking approach to real estate marketing. By combining superior 360-degree imaging technology with comprehensive virtual tour software, Floorfy and Ricoh360 are setting new standards in the industry, enabling agents to showcase properties in unprecedented detail and scale. Explore the possibilities with Ricoh360 and Floorfy today and elevate your real estate projects to new heights.