Changing Automotive Digital Merchandising through Ricoh’s advanced
hardware and Glo3D’s AI-powered software. Here is how.

How Glo3D & Ricoh Theta are Transforming Dealerships’ Online Showcases

Ricoh and Glo3D team up to give you a superpower for car photography.
Through this partnership, anyone can create an immersive and interactive customer experience on their website and social media.
All you need is a Ricoh Theta camera and a smartphone. The combined power of the Glo3D AI-powered app and Ricoh Theta Advanced Imagery creates captivating 360 photos with custom backgrounds, interactive 360 walkarounds, and production-quality video tours of car inventories.
These digital assets are seamlessly integrated and showcased on the dealership's website and social media channels. Explore this page or visit to find out more.

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