Intuitive Robots specializes in industrial and service robotics, focusing on developing intelligent software applications for autonomous mobile robotics.

As an official partner of Boston Dynamics, Intuitive Robots plays a pivotal role in the distribution and integration of the famous quadruped robot, Spot. Our innovative solutions harness the power of advanced robotics to enhance efficiency and safety in various industrial settings.

Automating Industrial Visual Inspection with Mobile Robotics

Spot is an autonomous and versatile quadruped robot designed by Boston Dynamics. Particularly agile, Spot can navigate challenging industrial environments (confined, hard-to-reach areas…) to autonomously collect data, especially visual data.
Thanks to the extensive data collected 24/7 by the robot, industrial operators can monitor the proper functioning of their production tools in real-time, thereby minimizing production downtime and keeping operators away from hazardous tasks.

Features and Images

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Spot inspecting RATP infrastructure to analyze the progress of a new metro construction site.

Spot, the robot inspecting the new Parisian metro construction site - With RATP Group

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