Construct stunning 3D models with your Theta Z1 and V using
Matterport’s revolutionary AI-powered image processing technology.

Immerse Yourself with Matterport 3D

The Theta Z1 and Matterport Cloud 3.0 are a superb match.The latest offering from Ricoh inherits all the benefits from its predecessor , the Theta V — it’s quick, easy to use, and lightweight.

And combining the higher resolution images and improved optics from the Theta Z1 with Matterport's AI-powered image-processing technology, known as Cortex, produces true 3D models.

And the Theta V remains a cost-effective option to create immersive 3D experiences.

A New Perspective

Subscription Pricing

Matterport offers a feature-packed free trial option and a $9.99 “Starter” subscription tier for supported 360 cameras, including the Ricoh Theta V.

Dollhouse and Inside View Sample