Your jobsite, fully captured.
Just tap record and go.

OpenSpace is the leader in tap-and-go 360°construction photo documentation, and allows you to capture full 360°images by simply walking the jobsite with a helmet-mounted camera. While you walk,OpenSpace automatically pins the images to your floor plan.OpenSpace acts as a single source of truth that cuts right through disagreements so you accomplish more, faster. It drives accountability, minimizes travel, reduces risk, and helps with quality control. With OpenSpace you’ll finally have a full virtual record of the jobsite at your fingertips.Pair OpenSpace with a RICOH THETA Z1 360° camera for pristine image quality, bright images even in low light, and crystal clear captures.

Features and Images

Understand your site with sophisticated but simple AI tools

With OpenSpace, you’ll be sure to collect the data you need. And with OpenSpace ClearSight, you’ll understand your job like never before. Verify progress and accelerate payments: leverage a single, trusted record of progress to verify percent complete and get paid faster. Drive coordination with data, refine estimates, and track progress against your schedule.

See the difference between a jobsite captured
with the THETA Z1