Document construction projects from start, in work, and at closeout easily using StructionSite and Ricoh Theta.

Construction is difficult. With changing timelines, working conditions, and the job site itself always evolving, taking good documentation during the progress of the project can alleviate headaches in the future. Using StructionSite + Ricoh THETA to capture images taken on the job site allows teams to collaborate easier by turning the documentation process into a fast, high-value asset by providing context to your construction projects images.

Why Ricoh Theta + StructionSite?

Using StructionSite, coupled with the Ricoh THETA camera, construction project teams are able to capture reality quicker, and more efficiently than previous methods. We’ve field tested cameras and Ricoh THETA is a well-rounded camera with great quality photos and videos that can handle different environments at ease.The Ricoh THETA V’s capture quality, functionality, and field performance are a few of the reasons why it is one of the widest used cameras on the StructionSite platform. The camera’s ability to handle low-lighting situations and dedicated WiFi button make it more of a contender on the job site when there are difficult or darker areas to capture, and not the wide availability of connectivity through the job.

Collaborate in Context.

StructionSite allows project teams to collaborate easier through the use of our application. As a quick and easy way to document the job site, you can view your project from anywhere at any time, and as updated as often as you walk the job. Perform OAC meetings, review internal commitments and more with the most seamless job site capture using StructionSite + Ricoh THETA.

Features and Images