Person Detection & Counting

Person Detection & Counting

With the Person Detection & Counting plug-in, the number of the person detected in the 360 images is automatically posted, recorded, and such to Twitter, Google Spreadsheet, and other services via IFTTT. IFTTT is a web-based service that links different services. The count of the detected person can be repeatedly delivered by setting the interval of time.

Assign the output service via IFTTT, such as Twitter, posting the number of people.

Or count the number of people and record it in the time sequence on Google spreadsheet.

You may customize which service to feed the information depending on your usage.

To detect and count a person, THETA takes a picture. The image used in detection is deleted after the counting is over. Therefore the memory in THETA will not become full even during continuous usage.

*IFTT is a web-based service that links different services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Drive. Limitations in posting to each service conform to IFTTT.

*THETA must be used in client mode
*The recommended continuous operation time is 8 hours or less.

Supported Model

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How to set the client mode