Wireless Live Streaming

Wireless Live Streaming

The Wireless Live Streaming plug-in enables THETA to connect directly to the Internet over Wi-Fi and live stream 360° 4K/2K video to YouTube, Facebook and other similar websites with RTMP/RTMPS.
*THETA must be used in client mode
*Streaming is not guaranteed in all environments. A stable, high-speed internet connection is required for higher quality image streaming.

The continuous operation time of Wireless live streaming (under 25 ° C environment) is as follows.
If the temperature in the camera rises, shooting will end automatically. If the temperature in the camera rises rapidly due to the surrounding environment or shooting conditions, the shooting time will be even shorter.

RICOH THETA X (v1.00.2)
・4K(30fps,20Mbps):Up to approx. 6 minutes
・2K(30fps,6Mbps):Up to approx. 14 minutes

RICOH THETA Z1 (v2.00.1)
・4K(29.97fps,20Mbps):Up to approx. 23 minutes
</・2K(29.97fps,6Mbps):Up to approx. 32 minutes

RICOH THETA V (v3.70.1)
・4K(29.97fps,20Mbps):Up to approx. 9 minutes
・2K(29.97fps,6Mbps):Up to approx. 12 minutes

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How to set the client mode

TIPS from Users
RICOH THETA Wireless Live Streaming 360 Video to YouTube Tutorial: THETA 360 Developers from YouTube