There is an increasing need for 360-degree live streaming using RICOH THETA. THETA Z1 is the most suitable model in the THETA series for 4K live streaming, but streaming is also supported by the newly released THETA X.

Anyone can easily try live streaming using THETA Z1, THETA V, and THETA X, as long as they have a PC, internet access, and a power supply suitable for streaming. Wireless live streaming is also possible with THETA without the use of a PC if you install plug-ins.

We will introduce the differences between THETA Z1 and THETA X in terms of live streaming capabilities, as well as the newly upgraded RICOH THETA UVC driver for live streaming for Windows PCs.

What you need for live streaming directly with THETA

THETA Z1 or THETA X is required for live streaming. You also need a computer with relatively high specifications for 360-degree live streaming.

<Required hardware>
Update the THETA firmware to the latest version. Click here for the update.
■ Extension Adapter TE1/TE2
An accessory for supplying power to THETA Z1 while THETA is attached to a tripod.
THETA X has a USB-C port on the side, so the adapter is not necessary.
■ Tripod
■ PC
For Windows 10 users, Intel® Core-i5 (6th Generation) or higher is recommended.
For Mac users, MacBook Pro is recommended.
■ USB cable to connect THETA and PC

<Required software>
■ Distribution software OBS Studio (free), completely tested with Version 27.1.3.
■ Driver for live streaming, RICOH THETA UVC Driver (free)
For Windows only; not required when using Mac.

For detailed instructions, please refer the video here.

Differences of live streaming functions between THETA Z1 and THETA X

Both THETA Z1 and THETA X support live streaming, but with the following differences.

Streaming with THETA Z1

temperatures up to 30°C (86°F). (Continuous transmission is not guaranteed in all environments and conditions.)

Streaming with THETA X

For the first time in the THETA series, THETA X supports in-camera processing of dynamic stitching and zenith correction during live streaming, enabling the delivery of higher quality video than ever before. In addition, the white balance and exposure compensation for video can be adjusted on THETA X before live streaming begins. This is useful for setting the exposure in advance for the scene, such as on a stage, where the camera would be prone to white-out with auto mode.

THETA X live streaming duration

New RICOH THETA UVC Driver for Windows

RICOH THETA UVC Driver, which is required for live streaming using a Windows PC, has also been updated! (Not required for Mac.)

<Windows driver>
The RICOH THETA UVC Driver for live streaming has been updated. The content of this update is as follows.

1)The name has been changed.

Previous name: RICOH THETA UVC V/Z1
New name: RICOH THETA UVC Driver

2) Icon designs have been changed.

3)The product now offers video output in YUY2 format, allowing use with web browsers and Unity.

(Operation has been confirmed in some browsers, including Firefox and Chrome.)

4) Multiple cameras connected to a PC simultaneously can now be detected.

Wireless Live Streaming

If you want to try wireless live streaming with just THETA X by itself, without a PC, try a plug-in!

Learn more about wireless live streaming

In addition to capturing 360° still images and videos, get the most out of THETA X as a live streaming device to convey a 360° world!