Introducing our product: Theta Extension TE-1. Learn how and when to use it!

TE-1 is an adapter that enables you to use a tripod while still connecting a USB cable to the port on the bottom of THETA.

The main functions of Theta Extension TE-1

・Can be used with a tripod for long-term interval shoots that require a power supply, and for live streaming via connecting to a PC
・ Reduces clutter in frame when used together with a monopod stand for business and commercial shoots
・ Made of brass, small but sturdy

Common shooting situations that benefit from TE-1

○Shooting real estate

When shooting with a monopod for real estate photography, using an extension adapter reduces the size of the monopod in the frame. Also, with the extension adapter, you can charge THETA via USB, allowing you to shoot for extended periods while keeping THETA attached to a monopod, for example when shooting many real estate properties over the course of a day.

Also, by using TE-1 with a quick release plate, such as the one included with RICOH THETA Stand TD-1, you can conveniently carry THETA together with the release plate while charging.

○Live streaming

For live streaming,THETA needs to be connected to a PC with a cable.
Also, while using a tripod, an extension adapter is required.

For more details, please visit the product page.