The new RICOH THETA X has evolved greatly in terms of video performance compared to the previous models in the RICOH THETA series!

As a first in the series, THETA X supports 5.7K (5760 x 2880 pixels) video at 30fps and 4K video at 60fps, giving you a wider variety of shooting options.

Furthermore, dynamic stitching, top/bottom correction, and stabilization of 360-degree video are performed within the camera while recording! This means the data can be used as-is immediately after shooting without the need for processing on a PC or in the THETA app on smartphones like with previous models.

360-degree video is increasingly being used in a variety of industries, for example, as VR content to convey the realistic atmosphere of a location, or for field surveys by recording 360-degree video while walking around the site.

We’ll take a closer look at THETA X’s video performance!

Support for up to 5.7K/30fps, 4K/60fps

Previous THETA models supported video resolutions of up to 4K/30fps, but THETA X is the first in the series to support 360-degree video at 5.7K/30fps and 4K/60fps, thanks to a newly developed optical unit and main processor.

Please refer here for  8K/10fps video API

A bit rate up to 5.7K/120Mbps can also be selected for higher quality recording in 360 degrees.

Shoot by Sam Rohn in the NY subway (5.7K/30fps/120Mbps)
*Please open the link with YouTube app to see by 360degree movie.

Also, by shooting in 4K/60fps you can create smooth 360° video that’s easy to watch even on a large screen or a VR headset, thanks to the high frame rate.

Shoot by Sam Rohn at Union Square (4K/60fps/120Mbps)
*Please open the link with YouTube app to see by 360degree movie.

Shoot by Sam Rohn at Union Square (5K/30fps/120Mbps)
*Please open the link with YouTube app to see by 360degree movie.

The default video size is 4K/30fps/54Mbps. Other video sizes, such as 5.7K/30fps, can be easily selected in the shooting settings screen on the THETA’s touchscreen.

Video stitching is no longer necessary

For the first time in the THETA series, THETA X records 360-degree video while performing dynamic stitching, top/bottom compensation, and stabilization within the device during shooting. So you can use the video straight from the camera, without the need to process the video in the THETA app on your PC or smartphone.

That’s one of the major changes from the previous models, which required you to import the dual fisheye 360-degree data to a PC or smartphone, and then use 360-degree conversion processing in order to create a watchable video. This process was time consuming and laborious.

360-degree video taken by THETA X can be transferred to a PC or other device, and be immediately uploaded to YouTube or edited with video editing software.

Workflow comparison between THETA X and other models

You might think 360-degree videos must take a lot of time to process, but THETA X handles it instantly in the camera so your videos are ready to upload straight to Youtube, even as VR content, without the need for any further processing. Enhanced image stabilization for video

Enhanced image stabilization for video

THETA X has improved image stabilization compared to the previous THETA models. This was achieved by improving the sensor orientation control and the algorithm for image stabilization, so you can walk and shoot videos that are easy to watch.

Stabilization comparison between THETA X and THETA V

More features

THETA X is the first model in the series to support battery and memory card (microSDXC) replacement. This means that you can shoot without worrying about the remaining battery life or memory capacity.

Please try the DB-110 Rechargeable Battery (sold separately) as a spare battery. The microSDXC card is sold separately.

If you want to shoot video while checking the Live View, you can also switch to [Live view ON] from the [Video live view] menu in the shooting settings screen.

THETA X is equipped with a large touchscreen, however live view during movie recording is OFF by default, in order to reduce battery drain. You can turn it ON if necessary.

With [Live view ON], the battery consumption will be greater than in the default [Live view OFF] setting.

When shooting a movie with [Live view OFF] the REC indicator and the shooting duration are displayed, so you can visually confirm that the camera is recording even with the live view off.

Also, if you want to completely eliminate the screen’s light, you can set [Screen OFF] in the [Video live view] settings and shoot with the screen completely off.

Try out THETA X for handy 360° recording and creating VR content!


1) Video recording will be automatically terminated when the internal temperature rises above a safe threshold. As the camera temperature rises, the maximum available shooting time for 5.7K/30fps and 4K/60fps video recording will be approximately 10 minutes (in a 25°C environment), but will vary depending on the ambient temperature.

2) 5.7K/30fps and 4K/60fps video may not be able to be transferred or viewed depending on your smartphone device. For 5.7K/30fps and 4K/60fps videos, we recommend using a PC to import the data. Click here for information on smartphone devices that can view the video in those resolutions.

3) When shooting video at 5.7K/30fps or 4K/60fps, please turn off the wifi and use the touch screen on the device to set and start video recording. If you wish to instruct your smartphone to shoot video at 5.7K/30fps or 4K/60fps, remove the THETA X’s internal battery and use the K-AC166 AC adapter (sold separately) to power the camera while shooting video.

Video shot by Sam Rohn