It goes without saying that RICOH THETA X is convenient to use on its own, but it gets even better with a few accessories.

We’ll introduce some recommendations for THETA X!

TL-3 Lens Cap

Our newly designed compact cap, TL-3 Lens Cap exclusively for THETA X protects its lenses. The interior material and special design prevent scratches to the lenses when inserting and removing THETA.

The LCD can be operated while the cap is covering the lenses. It can also be placed over the bottom and function as a stand that works well on flat surfaces, and you can still shoot by tapping the screen, taking advantage of the touch shutter function.

Semi-Hard Case TS-2

THETA X is equipped with a new large LCD screen used for controls and shooting. If you want to protect the screen while carrying THETA around, we recommend the Semi-Hard Case TS-2! TS-2 was originally designed for THETA Z1, but it can now also be used for THETA X.

The exterior is made of synthetic material and the interior is made of microfiber, giving it a luxurious feel.

There is a cutout at the bottom of the case, so you can store THETA X with a selfie stick (TM-2 or TM-3) .

THETA X with RICOH Selfie Stick

Remote Control TR-1

Remote Control TR-1 is a Bluetooth® remote control that allows you to easily take pictures remotely without having to wirelessly connect your smartphone to THETA.

It is 12mm thick and can be used on its own or attached to RICOH THETA Stick TM-2 or TM-3 with the included holder.

Like all THETA series cameras, THETA X can remotely shoot when connected to the THETA app on your smartphone via Wi-Fi. However, using the bluetooth remote control is highly recommended because it allows you to shoot while minimizing THETA’s power consumption.

Sometimes you may want to hide while shooting in order to avoid being in the frame. One way is to use the self-timer function (up to 10 seconds) on THETA X itself, but you can also shoot using the remote control TR-1. This way you can avoid being in the frame by keeping your distance from THETA without the need to rush to a hiding spot.

To connect Remote Control TR-1 to THETA X, swipe down on the THETA shooting screen, and tap Bluetooth settings on the camera settings screen. Press and hold the shutter button on TR-1 to turn it on, and then tap RICOH TR-1 displayed in the THETA X Bluetooth device list screen to connect it.

Camera Setting Screen

Once connected, the remote control icon will appear at the top of the screen. Also, even if THETA X is in sleep mode, the connection status will be maintained, and when you press the shutter button on TR-1, THETA will automatically wake up from sleep mode and start shooting immediately.

Battery: Coin-type battery (model: CR2032)
Battery life: Approx. 100 days (when the power is turned on for 8 hours a day and the shooting signal is sent 50 times a day)
Communication distance: Approx. 10 m (when there is no obstacle or shield between the remote control and the camera, and no radio interference with other devices)

Rechargeable Battery DB-110

This is the same battery as the one that comes with THETA X. It is always better to have a spare battery when you are on the go, whether it’s for business or travel. The RICOH GR series cameras are also compatible with Battery DB-110 so they can be shared between Ricoh GR and THETA cameras.

Battery Charger BJ-11

A charger for the DB-110 rechargeable battery, Battery Charger BJ-11 can be connected to a power source via a USB-C cable. The battery can be fully charged in about 2-3 hours from a fully discharged state.

RICOH THETA Stick TM-2 and TM-3

The RICOH THETA Stick TM-2 and TM-3 are designed specifically for THETA, and of course can also be used with THETA X. THETA X is designed to be especially compatible with the TM-2 and TM-3 so that the battery lid can be opened and closed while still attached to the selfie stick.


RICOH THETA Stand TD-1 and TD-2

The monopod stands, RICOH THETA Stand TD-1 and TD-2 for the THETA series can also be used with THETA X.

The legs and head of Stand TD-1 are small so as not to be captured in images, and the head features a quick-release shoe. The minimum length of the stand is approximately 56cm (22in) and it can be expanded up to 152cm (60in) easily.


Stand TD-2 is a lightweight model with excellent stability. The stand is variable in height, and the angle of the legs is adjustable, so it can be used in narrow spaces.

We also have RICOH THETA Stand Weight TT-1 for even more stability of the monopod stand.

RICOH Stand TD-1 and THETA X with charging a power

Attachment for Strap

You can also put an attachment for THETA strap in the tripod screwhole on the bottom of THETA.

This is very convenient if you want to carry THETA around without any worries of dropping it.

Make the most out of THETA X with all these accessories!

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