We had the opportunity to connect with content creator, Brad Pierce, to discuss how he uses RICOH THETA when exploring new places around the world. Wondering what his favorite location was to capture in 360 or what THETA accessories he uses while on the go? Read more to find out!

Thank you for speaking with us! Can you please introduce yourself and how you got into 360-degree photography?

My name is Brad Pierce. I’m a travel and adventure content creator, entrepreneur, and Ironman triathlete from Louisville, Kentucky. I have a passion to create content that is bold and a desire to inspire others to get out and explore more of our world. I got into 360 photography/videography due to the unique perspective it gives you straight out of camera. It also gives me the advantage by never missing the shot when shooting action sports.

Thank you for sharing! It sounds like you have a lot of experience using RICOH THETA in various settings. Can you share an example of when you chose to use THETA over a traditional camera?

I utilize my THETA when shooting areas where I want to focus on more than once focus point or if I need a really wide shot. For example when climbing down Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida, I wanted a very wide angle to capture all of its beauty. I bring my THETA with me almost everywhere I go, even if it’s not a work trip. It’s fun to go out, capturing new content and ideas for my Instagram account.

What I like most about THETA is the small size of the camera and the options it gives you when shooting. I can frame a 360 clip into smaller photos or I can keep it open and grab a new perspective with the shot, especially when rotating in the “tiny planet” angle.

What is your workflow like after you’ve captured your content?

Once I’ve captured my images and footage, I upload them on an external hard drive and label everything with their dates and locations. Next I sort them and then pull them into an editing software like Lightroom, Premiere Pro, or Photoshop. Finally, I export the content to 4:5 or 9:16 to share and upload them onto social media.

What has been your favorite location that you’ve captured in 360?

My favorite location that I’ve ever shot was in Bali. We were there shooting documentary-style content and had the ability to snag some 360 shots while we were there. Bali is so lush and filled with amazing scenic views – there isn’t anything like it on Earth.

What are your top tips for shooting with a 360-degree camera?

Yes, I have three tips. The first is to shoot holding the camera at a couple different angles, you never know what angle might look best. The second is to try different pole lengths with the monopod or tripod you’re using with THETA. I personally like the longer length so the camera is further away, giving me more options if I want to pull into another view. The final is to use the self timer. It will allow you time to set up the shot and get into position.

Can you tell us a bit about the 360-degree photos you’ve shared here with us?

The first image is a photo of me standing at the top of a hike in Yosemite in California. I felt I was hovering over every other piece of the National Park and I wanted to use the THETA to capture how vast the terrain is.

The second shot is a beautiful sunset in Kentucky, my home state, and the final image is from an adventure in the mountains of Colorado. The lush green fields and mountains in the distance made it a great opportunity for a 360 image.

This ski lift shot that I shot was captured with a long pole and taken on a timer. We were able to snag this photo and crop to make it fit for social media. This is one of my favorite styles for 360-cameras because of the ability to grab a very wide angle and view the entire scene.

This next photo was when I was able to get in my friend’s plane and use the long pole again to shoot out of the window with THETA. This shot turned out great and I was also happy to just get the camera back in one piece! It came out for such a cool perspective. I have it cropped here for a social media story format.

This final image of the palm trees is one I took a while ago, but it is still one of my favorites. It was used with a tripod and timer so that I was able to capture this shot without me being in it. I used the tiny planet perspective on this image to show the spikes of the palm trees all around and also include some of the beach as well.

What accessories do you use when shooting 360-degree content?

I use a long selfie stick made by Manfrotto and a mini tripod/monopod made by Ricoh. These tools help me get shots that I need and help keep traveling light and minimal. Since I mainly shoot videos, these accessories offer flexibility with how small they are. I use the long selfie stick almost every shot but if I want to make sure I am not in the frame, I will set up the tripod and utilize the self timer function to get out of position.

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos that you’ve  captured with THETA and various camera accessories! We hope you continue to capture beautiful 360-degree content as you travel around the world.

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You can follow Brad’s various activities and his photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.