We recently partnered with Architosh to host a webinar showcasing the digitalization of job sites within the AEC industry using 360-degree images. The webinar was hosted by Architect and Architosh Editor-In-Chief Anthony Frausto-Robledo and featured a panel of architecture and construction experts including:

– Bobby Main, Architect, Silverman Trykowski Associates
– Kevin Cahill, Principal, LuminetIK
– Kevin Latady, Principal, Latady Design
– Rick Butler, Wilhelm Commercial Builders
– Christopher Perouty, Wilhelm Commercial Builders
– Casey Phillips, Wilhelm Commercial Builders
– Scott Moir, AIA, CDT, Associate, GWWO Architects

During the webinar, the group provided insights and reviews of the RICOH THETA X and RICOH THETA SC2 and how they can be utilized to streamline project workflow in the architectural,  engineering, and construction space.

Read on for a full recording and key takeaways from the webinar.

Virtual Learning for Architects in Training

Scott Moir, an architect from GWWO Architects tested the THETA X camera and found that it is a great tool for client relationships and communication on design projects. The 360-degree camera allows clients and team members to put themselves in the space, despite not being there physically. Architects can also track construction progress and provide real-time updates to the wider project team, as well as architects in training, providing knowledge on how buildings are made without being in the field. RICOH360 Projects can generate a timeline of images, with layers of the foundation, while the app capabilities make it easy for architects to access their photos and videos.

Address Construction Problems In Real-Time

Rick Butler, Casey Phillips, and Chris Perouty from Wilhelm Commercial Builders previously used webcams to monitor progress on construction projects from the ground up. Most of Wilhelm Commercial Builders’ clients are not locally based and cannot see the progress in person. THETA helps bring the user real time updates as if they are actually at the construction site. If problems arise on the construction site, the team must act quickly to assess. THETA helps them address the specific problem and create better visuals to improve with future projects. Wilhelm Commercial Builders views THETA as a valuable tool for site photography and client check-ins.

Easy to Use Learning Tool

Butler also found that THETA is very easy to set up. The camera’s wireless connection feature allowed him to take high quality images remotely from his smartphone. For property owners who are not near the site, RICOH360 Projects is great to keep them up to speed on their homes and the progress being made. Additionally, because the THETA captures an entire construction site, Rick was able to go back, zoom in, and use the 360-degree content he captured to reference any customer questions.

Kevin Latady, Latady Design agrees the THETA can be used as a learning tool for new employees and younger staff. He notes creating time lapse videos can be an asset and replace time-delay technology in the future.

Alternative for Construction Tools

Bobby Main from STA in Boston jumped at the opportunity to replace the office FARO scanner which is very labor-intensive and expensive. Bobby was able to test THETA’s Matterport integrations and compare the capabilities to the FARO scanner. While on his phone, he was also able to access the THETA app and see the scans align themselves. This allowed him to measure an entire space in 30-35 mins whereas before it would’ve taken him about three hours with a FARO. Although THETA is not a traditional construction tool, its  ability to capture every single part of the space makes it invaluable.

HDR Imagery and Photo Editing

Kevin Cahill, from LuminetIK, brings the conversation full circle by expanding on the future of THETA as a gateway for HDR imagery and found the photo quality to be high, especially when it comes to shooting in environments with varying light. The shadow resolution is great for any environment, whether that be construction or architecture. Moreover, to have multiple bracketed images that can be put together is the perfect fit. He notes as a rendering tool, the lighting is impressive and he will gladly try the next version of THETA.

If you missed the webinar you can watch the entire video here:

Architosh Webinar: RICOH THETA X in AEC Industry from Architosh on Vimeo.

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