Introducing a new RICOH THETA series product, the TW-2 underwater housing case, which will be released in August 2022!

THETA X Underwater Housing Case TW-2

The TW-2 is a dedicated underwater housing for RICOH THETA X with waterproof performance to a depth of 40m (JIS Protection Grade 8/IPX8 equivalent), allowing 360° photography underwater.

The Features

1. Waterproof performance suitable for general scuba diving up to 40m depth
2. O-ring and metal tripod screw for reliable shooting
3. High image quality thanks to the shape, lens coating, and anti-glare sheets
4. PMMA lenses and lens covers included to reduce lens scratches

An underwater housing is a case that covers your camera to prevent it from being submerged while shooting underwater. By using a housing, you can enjoy 360° photography even when diving in the ocean or river or doing other activities where you may be exposed to water.

The TW-2 is dedicated underwater housing for THETA X. It has been developed based on requests from users of the TW-1 underwater housing case (compatible with RICOH THETA V, SC2, SC, and S) and has evolved in performance and ease of use.

The main specifications of TW-2 are as follows

Main Specifications

– Waterproof performance: Up to 40 m from the water surface (up to 60 minutes) (equivalent to JIS Protection Grade 8/IPX8)
– Waterproof mechanism: O-ring and clasp
– Tripod screw hole: Metal
– External dimensions: Approx. 162 × 77.5 × 68 mm
– Weight: Approx. 230 g
– Included items: User guide, Strap, Lens cover, Moisture absorbent sheet, Silicone grease, Scratch prevention sheet, Reflection prevention sheets A and B
– Compatible model: RICOH THETA X

Main features with images

– Waterproof mechanism with O-rings and clasp provides 40m water resistance

O-ring has the advantage of being easy to remove for maintenance. Applying the supplied grease to the O-ring makes it more supple allowing it to hold a better seal when the clasp is closed. Although the structure of a typical case leaves the possibility of water intrusion if it is deformed, the TW-2 has been designed with a waterproof structure that allows you to enjoy underwater diving safely.

– Acrylic resin lens and metal tripod screw holes for improved durability

The lens is made of acrylic resin with high hardness to improve the durability of the lens. In addition, the use of a metal tripod screw mount improves the strength and durability of the thread as well as the reliability of operation when diving equipment or gloves are worn.

The lens part is molded with acrylic resin, which is harder than conventional materials, and a hard coating is applied to the lens surface.

– Dedicated lens protection cover included

The lens is protected by a special lens cover that wraps around the entire lens to reduce abrasion and scratches on the lens.

– Shape, lens coating, anti-reflective sheet for high image quality

The shape of the case is designed to minimize reflections of the camera. An AR coating is also applied to the lens surface to minimize reflections, and two types of sheets are included in the package that can be attached to prevent THETA X itself causing reflections on the case. These details have been carefully designed to ensure that beautiful 360° images can be captured even underwater.

Image of THETA X with the sheet attached

Comparison image of TW-2 and TW-1 reflection

The red circle indicates the camera body in frame and the blue circle indicates the shutter button in frame.

– Housing design for easy operation underwater

The case allows power on/off, switching between still/video shooting modes, and operating the shutter button without removing the camera from the case even underwater. The case also offers expandability that allows various camera accessories to be attached by utilizing the tripod screw mount. THETA X’s screen still allows users to check settings and images even underwater. However, the screen is not touch-sensitive when inside the housing.

Underwater Photographs taken with THETA X in TW-2

Here are sample photos and videos actually taken with THETA X and the TW-2 underwater housing case.

THETA X is a 360° camera capable of capturing high-definition images and the TW-2 underwater housing has evolved with a focus on image quality. So, you can still enjoy high quality images even when doing underwater photography.

Here, we introduced the TW-2 underwater housing case for THETA X. We hope you will enjoy using THETA X in all kinds of situations by taking advantage of these accessories that expand your photographic opportunities!

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