Staying organized is a major challenge for any construction project. Between designers, contractors, suppliers, and more, there’s a lot to juggle to ensure the project stays on track.

One of the best ways to keep everything organized is by using a construction management software program. There are plenty of great construction management programs available today that you can customize to suit your needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 20 best construction management software programs right now and how they can help you.

What is Construction Project Management Software?


Construction project management software programs offer a wide range of tools to help you run each project as efficiently as possible. They are very similar to traditional CRM programs, but they offer features that are specific to construction.

These programs allow you to communicate important project information and metrics with key stakeholders and team members. They are a secure place to store secure documents and share These programs can run automated reports to track your progress. They also have features to help you handle the financial aspects of the project, including automated estimates.

Construction management software makes it easier for everyone involved in your construction project to stay engaged and informed. Automation features help keep the project running efficiently and prevent delays.

What tools do construction managers need?


There are many different digital tools that can help construction managers stay on top of their projects. Here are some of the must-haves that every construction manager should have in their arsenal to keep projects organized.

  • Billing and estimation calculators. One of the biggest challenges for any construction manager is staying on top of budgeting for the project. Billing and estimation calculators can automate these tasks to keep your finances organized and keep clients happy as well.
  • Document management. There are so many different documents you’ll need to stay on top of as a project manager, from contracts to blueprints and more. Document management features allow all team members to access these items in one place.
  • Digital communication platform. Real-time instant messaging features can help you keep communication organized and ensure that everyone involved in the project stays informed.
  • Work breakdown structure support. Work breakdown structure, or WBS, is a visual representation of your entire construction project. Most construction management programs come with WBS features that allow you to break down your project task by task.
  • Construction project management software. Construction project management software combines all of these features in one place, and some offer even more project management features to help you keep everything organized.

How do you manage construction tools?

Construction management software programs are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Most of these programs are connected to the cloud, which means you will be able to access the tools you need regardless of what device you are on. This includes both desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

20 Best Construction Software Programs

1. JobProgress

JobProgress is a construction software program that has been designed for contractors. It has a robust library of tools for every aspect of construction projects. You’ll find standard workflow management, billing automation, and document management as well as team scheduling, marketing tools, and much more. The app is simple and intuitive, which makes it easy to get started, and it is available for a wide range of mobile devices. The JobProgress dashboard makes it easy to manage every aspect of your project in one place. It also offers employee and subcontractor management features to ensure that everyone is looped in.

2. Procore

Procore is a comprehensive management program with features for every type of construction project. They offer a very detailed field productivity tool where you can track every aspect of your project to ensure you remain profitable. Other features they offer include detailed estimation tools and financial solutions as well as in-depth project management features for all stakeholders. This program even integrates with other accounting programs to keep data consistent across your entire operation. Another helpful key feature is digital quality and safety checks, which can help prevent on-site issues.

3. Contractors Software Group

Contractors Software Group is an established software provider with decades of experience in the construction field. They offer many different software programs that you can customize to suit your project needs, with options for everything from roofing to landscaping to a full remodel. Their suite of products includes a construction-specific CRM as well as scheduling tools, estimation tools, and much more.

4. Bluebeam

Bluebeam is an established construction program that is popular among some of the world’s largest design and engineering firms. Their flagship product is Bluebeam Revu, which provides comprehensive workflow management with live messaging and project updates. They also have features specifically for design professionals, which many other construction management software programs do not have.

5. Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a construction management software program with features specifically for job site management. They offer a free version of their software, which makes it a good option for smaller organizations with a limited budget. This program offers task management and scheduling options as well as a blueprint viewer, inspection tools, and detailed project reports. They also have a punch list app where you can conduct detailed walkthroughs and generate PDF reports instantly.

6. CoConstruct

CoConstruct is a construction software management program that is geared toward both home builders and remodelers. It has robust communication features that make it easy to connect with team members, clients, and contractors throughout the project. This program also offers pre-construction lead management, estimations and bidding, timesheet management, and much more.

7. RedTeam

Designed by commercial construction management pros, RedTeam is an excellent construction software program for general contractors. They offer flexible pricing and a huge library of features that you can adjust to fit your unique needs. Their features range from pre-construction bidding all the way to mobile field reporting and time tracking. The platform also integrates with other popular software programs like Quickbooks and Docusign to make projects easier.

8. Sage300 Construction & Real Estate

Sage300 offers a huge range of software programs for the construction and real estate industries. The Sage300 CRE program is popular among contractors and firms of all sizes and has detailed reporting and document management features. They also have separate programs for finance, human resources, and much more, with options for businesses of all sizes. Secure cloud storage ensures your documents are safe yet easily accessible. Sage300 integrates seamlessly with many other programs as well.

9. Autodesk Construction Cloud

As the name implies, Autodesk is a cloud-based software program that is known for its workflow management tools. They also have design and planning tools to help you stay organized before the project even starts, as well as field management and financial tools. This software program is designed for commercial and industrial projects, and they also offer sustainability features.


STACK is a software program designed for pre-construction management. While it doesn’t include any field management features, it does have everything you need to prepare for a project and get it started on the right foot. This includes plan and spec management as well as tools to help with proposals and cost estimates.

11. SmartUse

SmartUse is part of the STACK family, and this software program is a must if your team needs to collaborate on blueprints and other design documents. This collaborative software program makes it easy to mark up your blueprints together in real-time. This program also has punch lists, inspection management tools, and takeoff measurement tools.

12. Wrike

While Wrike isn’t specifically designed for construction, it can still be incredibly helpful for project management. This app is beautifully designed and helps you visualize your entire project at a glance. Users can create custom workflows and timelines, which works well for construction management. There is a free version of Wrike available with simplified features, which gives users the option to try before they make a final commitment.

13. Buildertrend

Buildertrend is a construction management program with features for both residential and commercial projects. It has four key components - project management, financial tools, pre-sales tools, and communication. Within each of these sections, Buildertrend offers robust tools to help you stay organized throughout the entire project.

14. eSUB

eSUB is a user-friendly construction software program that offers a variety of field management solutions. It generates clear and colorful visual reports to help you manage every aspect of your project at a glance. This includes financial data, field reporting, and much more. Additionally, this program offers secure document storage within the cloud for all of your plans.

15. Oracle Aconex

Aconex is part of the Oracle suite of products and is a trusted productivity solution for construction teams. This program is CDE certified and has management tools for the entire lifecycle of a project, ranging from the initial design to field management and productivity tracking. If you’re already using Oracle products, Aconex integrates easily into their systems for a streamlined experience.

16. RICOH360 Tours


RICOH360 Tours allows you to make 360-degree virtual tours in as little as 5 minutes and share them digitally. This is a very handy tool for construction sites, as it allows you to see what’s happening without having to be there in person. It instantly documents 360° photos to site drawings easily, which makes you feel present at the site like never before.

17. is a popular project management software program that works well for many different industries. Its bright, welcoming interface helps you create tasks and project timelines. Their dashboard feature provides helpful productivity insights, and the platform also allows you to share and store documents. The platform also allows you to automate repeated tasks to streamline your project.

18. Workflow MAX

Workflow MAX is part of the Xero family of products and is designed for general project management. Although it doesn’t have any construction-specific features, it is still very useful for construction projects. Workflow MAX allows you to create and manage project timelines with detailed tasks and time tracking features. It also works particularly well for construction businesses because of its quoting features, which you can use to provide estimations upfront, as well as ongoing financial tracking to ensure profitability. This program even has marketing and lead generation tools, and you can connect it with other Xero products to work even more efficiently.

19. Smartsheet

Smartsheet provides custom digital workspaces for companies across a variety of industries. This tool has become very popular with large international companies, but would work just as well for smaller startups. With Smartsheet, your entire team can collaborate on tasks and workflows in the same place. Users can automate the most repetitive parts of their workflows to save time. Smartsheet also has request management features to help you secure the approvals you need more quickly. Smartsheet even integrates with other popular software products from Google, Microsoft, and more, which makes it easy to add to your existing workflows.

20. Clear Estimates

As a contractor, creating estimates is one of the most important parts of your job. Clear Estimates is a software program that is designed to make this easier. Clear Estimates has tools that allow you to generate estimates and proposals quickly. They have a huge library of templates to choose from, but you can also completely customize your estimates to suit your needs. They offer free trials and affordable pricing, which makes this program accessible to a wide range of construction professionals.



Although construction programs can be very complex, using a reliable software program can make them much easier to manage. Whether you’re completing a small residential remodel or a large-scale industrial build, there are software programs available that will suit your needs. These 20 construction management software programs are the best options for 2022 and offer amazing customizable features to help you get projects done on time and keep clients happy.

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