By RICOH360 Tours Team

Technological advancements are increasing at an unprecedented level in every aspect of life. We’re seeing a dramatic effect on productivity, better decision-making through data, and greater efficiencies. But, until the last couple of years, we haven’t seen a huge impact from technology on the real estate market. But that’s changing.

Both the buyer and seller, and the agents who work with them, are seeing how technology can move the process of buying and selling a home along more quickly and with less effort. From artificial intelligence to geo and social media advertising, technological advancements are making the process of buying and selling a home more transparent, more automated, and less cumbersome.

According to a Forbes article published last year, virtual reality is one of the top 10 newest technologies that are starting to play a big part in real estate transactions. With virtual reality, sellers can show properties more fully and buyers can experience homes more conveniently than driving to homes and viewing them on-site.

By offering virtual reality tours to their buyers, agents benefit significantly, with more and easier sales, and happier clients. As the price of virtual tours decreases, we expect to see a lot of agents jumping on the band wagon.

RICOH360 Tours offers a virtual reality solution tailored to a real estate agent’s needs without breaking the bank. A quick and easy, do-it-yourself option, RICOH360 Tours makes simple work of creating a virtual tour of any home or space. Agents receive a huge value for their marketing dollars, including:

  • Capturing a Room Instantly
  • An all-in-one solution that empowers real estate agents to create beautiful and impactful virtual tours. Unlike conventional photography, a 360° image shows an entire room or environment, even on mobile.
  • Simple-to-use Functionality
  • Our specialized mobile agent app works seamlessly with the sleek Ricoh THETA camera which captures everything in high-quality 360° in just a single shot. The user experience is further simplified by having all the hardware and software come from one company instead of being pieced together using multiple vendors.
  • Viewing a Tour Immediately
  • Capture, label and create a complete tour on-the-fly. Agents are able to create a tour of a 3000 square foot home in only 20 minutes. Tours will be synced instantly to your account via the cloud for immediate sharing to the MLS, your property listing website and social media.
  • Smart and Data-rich Insights
  • With the analytics dashboard, you can easily see how many visitors you are getting and where they are coming from. Verify return-on-investment by gaining insights into customer metrics not readily available through many platforms.

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