By RICOH360 Tours Team

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to win every listing. It isn’t hard if you’re prepared. Put the effort in up front in your listing presentation and reap the benefits in the end.

Your listing presentation will most likely consist of the standard input: Your name and experience, recent sales, perhaps some testimonials from happy past customers, information on the current housing market and trends, and offering tips to make an open house more successful is always appreciated.

But every good agent offers this basic information. If you really want to win every listing you encounter, you have to go far and above the norm. Here are some examples of the kinds of things you could be doing to move yourself up to the top of the pile. Done right and consistently, you should be able to win the hearts and minds of every seller you meet.

  1. Bring visual aids: Have visual evidence of your experience and reputation on hand. Show examples of your accomplishments, the houses you’ve sold, the education you have and milestones you’ve achieved. People relate much better to visuals than they do paragraphs of writing.
  2. Make sure you shoot a “coming soon” listing of the prospective seller’s house. This is important to show your potential clients that you are already thinking ahead and preparing to put their house on the market.
  3. Come to the meeting dressed and ready to go. Show up early so you’re relaxed and prepared. On the way to the meeting, listen to music that inspires you and makes you feel great. The sellers will feel your positive energy from the start.
  4. Prequalify: talk to each and every decision maker and find out what’s important to them about the agent that sells their home. Know the answers to their prequalifying questions so they are top of mind, and your marketing proposal is tailored to them. This is where you will be most successful—talking about what is important to them.
  5. Use social media. Create the ideal buyer for the home—a buyer persona—and look up these buyers on Facebook to see how many ideal buyers are out there in the local area. Tell your potential clients how you plan to find them and bring them in. This shows great initiative.
  6. Always present a three-price strategy so your sellers know you’ve put in the work to come up with options for them and to let them know they have a choice with how they want to price their home.
  7. Bidding war or frenzy price strategy: find out the fair market value of the home and price it just below that to create the atmosphere of “a good deal”
  8. Fair market value: This is self-explanatory. List the house according to what the fair market value is based on comps in the area.
  9. Break the record with pricing: Go above the fair market value of the house and try to find that one in a million person who falls in love with your home and has to have it no matter what.
  10. Tell your sellers exactly how you plan to market their house. If you include a virtual tour in the listing instead of just regular photography, make sure to let them know. Not every agent does this and the ones that do are more successful overall and sell houses quicker, for more money.
  11. Let the sellers choose the fees. Present them with a low-, mid- and top-range percentage of fees for both the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent. Be clear about the positives and negatives to each. Let them decide which strategy works best for their situation.
  12. Be prepared to handle each and every objection they have. If you can’t and come unprepared to answer any objection, then your chances of winning the listing go down.
  13. Lastly, get yourself in the right frame of mind. Say it to yourself, “I am the winner!” Visualize yourself getting the listing. See the buyers signing the paperwork to buy the home. Positive thinking works well in shaping your outlook on the entire process.

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