Hello everyone.
I would like to use many photographs to offer an explanation of the RICOH THETA SC2, which is scheduled for release on Friday, December 13.

It comes in carefully chosen shades of pink, blue, beige, and white, for a total of four color choices.

The SC2 features a glossy body, themed around the concept of a woman’s fingernails.
This nail-themed coloring and gloss lets the THETA fit the hand naturally when held and matches clothing fashions with ease, making it a product that you will want to use on a daily basis.

(The SC is at the top of the photograph, and the SC2 is at the bottom)
Everything including the sides and the operation buttons has been given similar colors in a monotone scheme, so that it feels less mechanical and gadget-like than the previous models.

The SC2 color variations were chosen after a process of repeated in-house discussions and hearings with numerous users.
For example, the people who use THETA are sure to think that matching it to the color of the interior of the bags they normally carry with them is important.
At such times, they can choose a refreshing pink or a slightly relaxed beige, selecting a color that suits their possessions and attitudes.
The different colors of the SC2 reflect our desire for users to choose a color that matches their lifestyle.


Just holding the pink SC2 is an inspiration to go out.
That’s the kind of impact this pink has—this is pink for people who love pink.


With this blue, we aimed to create a fashionable, elegant, exquisite coloring that would attract both men and women.


This is a color for both men and women to casually use.
Although this is a shade of beige, it can also be used for a light pink image.


The word “White” can refer to a wide variation of whites with differing shades and textures.
The white of the SC2 has a finish that takes recent trends in smartphones, earphones, and gadgets into account,
and differs significantly from the texture and shade of the white used in the SC.

Differences in color between the SC and SC2

We compared the SC2 and the SC for each of their colors.
The external dimensions are the same as those of the SC, which is 45.2×130.6×22.9.

But the single-tone design of the SC2 is instantly recognizable.
The sides and body of the SC are coating in different colors, whereas the front and rear covers of the SC2 are a monotone color up to the side frame and operation buttons.

We would be delighted if people appreciate the pop-culture aspects of the SC2, as well as the strength and power of the simple, iconic construction of the THETA products.

New OLED panel display

We added a much-requested OLED information display panel to the front of the SC2 so that users can check information such as battery charge remaining, the current shooting mode, and smartphone connection status with ease.

The SC2 features a self-timer button

New self-timer button located on the side of the camera body.

Now you can use the self-timer for shooting with ease!

This was our look at the body design and visuals.
Next time we’ll look at the concrete improvements in basic performance and specifications. Look forward to it!