Hello everyone.
I would like to focus on specifications and basic performance to offer an explanation of the RICOH THETA SC2, which is scheduled for release on Friday, December 13.

Capable of capturing high-quality, high resolution 360° spherical still images and video footage!

The exposure accuracy and white balance algorithms, along with the image sensor and image processing engine have been redesigned from the previous model RICOH THETA SC.
The SC2 offers accurate, natural expression when shooting in Auto mode.

Even though it’s normal progress for image quality to improve, we hear people commenting about how good their shots look when they shoot with the SC2.

The SC2 offers shutter speeds of up to 1/25000 (the SC offers 1/8000), with ISO sensitivity of ISO64-3200 for still images and ISO64-6400 for videos.
We hope that the specifications illustrate the broader potential this camera offers for shooting.

4K video!

The SC shoots video in FullHD (1920×1080/29.97fps), while the SC2 is capable of shooting video in 4K (3840×1920/29.97fps).
Maximum continuous shooting time is three minutes.
Internal memory has been significantly expanded from 8 GB in the SC to 14 GB.
This allows the SC2 to take approximately 3,000 still images or 32 minutes of 4K video footage.
Here is the specifications comparison of the SC2, SC and V extracted from the >>SC2 product page.

Quick response

Continuing on from the SC, the quick response of the SC2 allows images to be taken about 1.5 seconds after the power is turned on.

Bluetooth & wireless LAN

New Bluetooth function allows constant connection to your smartphone.
You can shoot from your smartphone with just a Bluetooth connection.
With a wireless LAN connection, all functions can be used, including live view display and image transfer on a smartphone, which can be used separately as appropriate to the shooting circumstances.

High-speed data transfer

The specifications have been changed such that top/bottom correction is performed when images are played back instead of when data is transferred, making video transfer rate approximately four times faster(Note) than in the previous model RICOH THETA SC.
(Note) Actual measured value compared with RICOH THETA SC when transferring identical amounts of data to iOS devices.
According to Ricoh research.
File transfer, which might have felt slow on the SC, can now be done at high speed.

In this article, we have continued on from the article on body design/visuals to talk about specifications and basic performance.
Next will be the final article, focusing on the SC2’s new functions of presets and UI.
We hope you enjoy it!