Even though you’re interested in 360-degree cameras, do you find it hard to imagine what kind of scene it could be used for?

Let us introduce the unique aspects of the THETA 360 degree camera, in which scenes it’s useful, and how to use it.

THETA is the best camera for travel memories!

When you come across a wonderful scene while traveling, you can only capture a part of the scene if you take pictures with a smartphone or a normal camera. Moreover, you may capture even less if you take selfies along with the scene with an ordinary camera.

In such cases, try using THETA!

[Taken by THETA: on a hilltop in Lisbon, Portugal]

You can easily shoot yourself and the surrounding scenery in full 360 degrees.

If you use THETA together with a selfie stick, as shown in the photo below, you can easily shoot dynamic images as if you were shooting aerial photography like the image above.

[THETA and selfie stick(TM-3)]

Also, if you want to take a picture of a spacious and lively location, including its atmosphere, it would be difficult to capture the whole thing with a typical camera.

[Selfie with a smartphone]

But when you take a photo with THETA, you can make a memory by taking a selfie that includes a wide-angle, 360-degree space that surrounds you, capturing the atmosphere of the place.

[Taken by THETA: at a market in Lisbon]

Using a selfie stick will make your hand less visible in the image. Even so, just take out THETA and press the shutter button on the main unit with your finger when you want to take a quick shot! It’s very easy.

For family memories you want to keep forever

As moms and dads, have you experienced that you often take photos of your lovely kids but find yourself as the photographer always out of the frame?

With THETA, you can capture 360-degree photos not only of your kids, but also yourself, the photographer, as well as the surrounding scenery you shared with your family.

[Taken by THETA: at an aquarium]

Imagine yourself at the zoo or aquarium with your kids, all of you looking with expressions of joy and wonder at the beautiful fish or animals inches away, and capture it all in one 360-degree shot!

[Taken by THETA: at a zoo]

One of the features of THETA is that it can take photos of entire spaces, even in enclosed  spaces such as inside of a car or on a ferris wheel.

[Taken by THETA: in a car]

Fun moments with your family in such tiny spaces can be made more memorable with the THETA, something you can hardly do with a normal camera.

[Taken by THETA: in a ferris wheel]

A starry sky with THETA

When you encounter the starry sky while camping or outdoors,

a normal camera can only capture a part of the sky, but THETA can easily capture the entire starry sky.

The setting for starry sky photography is very easy!

It goes without saying that  THETA is perfect for outdoors as well as starry sky photography, letting you capture 360-degree stunning views of nature just as you saw them

Edit with THETA+ app and share to SNS!

Photos taken by THETA can be shared as they are in full 360-degrees using Google photo and FB posts.

In addition, with the THETA+ editing application, you can edit your photos into flat images.

[Editing screen of the THETA+ app]

If you select ‘Little Planet’ in the THETA+ app, you can make the photo look as if you are on a sphere like the photo below-left, and if you flip it around, you can edit as if you are  surrounded by flowers like the image below-right.

[Left: ‘Little Planet’ Edit]

Right: Reverse edit of ‘Little Planet’]

One tip is to put THETA close to the flower petals. (The image above is taken with the selfie stick close to the flower.)

Such unique images can be only created with THETA.

Please feel free to upload your image on Instagram and elsewhere!

Good for checking and recording room layout!

THETA is well suited for recording indoor spaces.

It is difficult to capture the entire room with a normal camera, but with THETA you can capture the interior of a room in full 360-degrees, including the ceiling and floor.

[Taken by RICOH THETA SC2 for business]

THETA is great for  documenting real estate or simply making a memory of your room!

Post to Street View

Anyone can easily upload 360-degree images taken by THETA with the Google Street View app.

Try uploading 360-degree images taken on your trip to Street View and share them with the world.

So, that’s it!There are many ways to have fun with THETA!

By all means, please try to find a perfect use of your own!

Photo by:@snow_j, @minatymon103