Hi, this is Miku! I would like to tell you about my great day on DisneySea using the THETA 360 degree camera.

I love Disney and I usually go to the Disney theme parks once every two months with my husband and three-year-old son.  

This Disney trip is my first time using THETA, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of atmosphere the 360 degree camera can capture in the world of Disney!

At Disney Sea with THETA

A big difference from ordinary cameras is that THETA has no screen. So I was a little confused at first because I can’t see what kind of image I’m shooting unless I connect to a smartphone via Wifi. This is unlike ordinary cameras. But I just thought “let’s try and just check them later!” and I shot in various ways holding it by hand then checked them all at once when I had time.

Here is a photo I took in this way. I was surprised that it was easier than I thought, plus I was able to shoot exactly as I wanted!

I always take pictures when I go out with my family, so usually I can’t be in the images taken with an ordinary camera. But with THETA, I was surprised to see the entire 360-degree view of the whole family, including myself.

Disney has such a cute atmosphere when you look in every direction, and THETA can capture all of it. I really liked the ‘Little Planet’ editing mode on the THETA+ app because it can condense and express every cute detail at Disney.

My son loves Toy Story, so I captured his excitement with THETA at Toy Story Mania. The whole space, even the ceiling in the waiting area for the ride, is very cute, and I was able to capture the entire thing with THETA.

At Electric Railway, I put THETA directly on the window frame and shot it remotely. I was surprised to be able to take both the outside scenery and us looking out. I don’t think most other cameras can match such a unique shot.

One of my favorite shots at Disney Sea was the Mermaid Lagoon. The ceiling here is really cute, so I thought it’s perfect for THETA! I was able to take beautiful shots even though I took it by hand and with the auto setting.

In the Fortress Explorations attraction we can explore the ships anchored in the Mediterranean Harbor. There are intricate maze-like passages and mysterious rooms, and we can experience them as if we were on an exciting adventure!

Here, I set THETA standing in a stable place in a room with a large model representing the planets of the solar system, and then I shot remotely while looking up. The ceiling here was very beautiful, so it was great to use THETA in such a situation as it can capture the whole ceiling along with us all looking up at it in one shot.

There is a spot for kids to play around here. My son was having fun but it was difficult to take photos with a normal camera as it was a cramped indoor space. But with THETA, I can shoot everything, even in such a small space, so I tried to shoot without disturbing the kids.

At Disneyland with THETA

We went to Disneyland on our second day.

For taking photos at Disneyland, I recommend Toontown, where children can enjoy themselves and the surroundings are very colorful. It was a perfect place for THETA as the area is so cute. My son was in a good mood and I could see his excitement, so we were able to take lots of nice photos.

I also recommend Alice’s Tea Party because it is colorful and cute. I took the photo  before the tea cup started spinning so I was able to get a photo without motion blur.

I also took videos while spinning around. The video taken with the THETA 360 degree camera was great! It was fun, so we went on the ride again at night.

It’s A Small World, which has a cute 360-degree space up to the ceiling as well, was a fun attraction to shoot with THETA too. It was renovated last year, and the waiting area turned out so lovely, so you can take plenty of pictures and enjoy yourself while waiting to board the ride.

At Disney Sea, we couldn’t shoot at night, but we could do so at Disneyland. I shot all the photos in auto settings, but I was amazed to see how beautifully THETA captured the night lights!

I really enjoyed using THETA at Disney, where all the surroundings are so cute. THETA is gonna be my must-have camera at theme parks from now on!

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* This article was written by Miku when using THETA SC.