Let’s go over the details of RICOH THETA Stick TM-2 and RICOH THETA Stick TM-3, selfie sticks designed exclusively for THETA!

The concept

THETA has a tripod screw mount on the bottom of the unit, so you can shoot using a selfie stick.

However, we received feedback such as……

・ A part of the selfie stick is in the frame.

・ Shooting is not stable because the stick is not rigid enough.

・ It’s not clear what kind of selfie stick is recommended.

Furthermore, we received many requests for an exclusive selfie stick for THETA.

In order to solve such problems, we designed products exclusively for THETA:


The larger one is TM-2

and the smaller one is TM-3.

As it is a special design for THETA, the selfie stick is much different from generic products.

The features

Now, let’s have a look at the features with photos.

Basically, there are three main features.

Specially designed low-profile head and body to reduce selfie-stick exposure in the frame

By adopting a specially designed pan head that fits perfectly to the bottom of the THETA body as well as a slim pipe, it is possible to shoot with minimal selfie sticks exposure in the frame.

A dial-type screw mount is used to reduce the wear on the THETA tripod screw hole when installed.

The TM-2 is equipped with a tilt mechanism, so you can adjust the angle in order to shoot the subject in front of the lens.

Speedy access telescoping with Velbon lock mechanism

We use a lock mechanism developed by Velbon Co., Ltd., one of Japan’s leading tripod manufacturers.

When the selfie is collapsed, the head must be twisted counterclockwise with some force to unlock it for extension. Once adjusting the length as desired, the head must again be twisted in a clockwise direction to lock it in its extended position.

The sequence of “unlocking – telescoping – locking” in shooting and storing is really smooth and comfortable.

Expecting no less from Velbon, the rigidity is wonderful when the selfie stick is extended.

Upon first using the selfie stick its stability is quite surprising. Even mounted with Z1, the heaviest model in the THETA series, you can photograph with confidence.

The grip is made of rubber so that it can be easily grasped, and the entire stick is black to make it less noticeable in photos and to give it a luxurious appearance.

Two settings of length according to the shooting scene

The TM-2, the longer model, can be extended up to about 83 cm by stretching in 5 steps, that supports a wide range of shooting situations such as travel, events, and landscape photography.

And the TM-3, a lightweight and compact design, has a maximum extension of 42cm by stretching in 3 steps, a length of 18cm when stowed, and a weight of 80g.

You can choose your favorite product according to your shooting style.

■ Long type “RICOH THETA Stick TM-2”

Minimum Length: 229mm

Maximum Extension: 836mm

Weight: approximately 155g

■ Small and light type “RICOH THETA Stick TM-3”

Minimum Length: 177mm

Maximum Extension: 423mm

Weight: approximately 80g

The length differs quite a lot with THETA attached and the selfie stick extended to the maximum.

There is a screw mount at the bottom of the selfie stick, so it is possible to shoot in combination with other products.

We have received a lot of questions about which selfie stick is better. And now, we are confident to tell you we highly recommend these products!