So, you’re interested in 360-degree cameras, but maybe you find it difficult to master, or perhaps you want to know better ways to use your 360-degree camera. If so, please read on!

Shooting with THETA is super easy and you will be able to shoot wonderful photos once you master the techniques.

We’ll show you how to get the most out of your THETA in this short article!

How to use THETA

① Hold THETA in your hand and shoot!

The easiest way to shoot with THETA is simply to press its round shutter button.

You can easily take a 360-degree shot of the surrounding space with just one touch.

However, if you are concerned about your fingers being in the frame when you hold it with your hand, we recommend using the self-timer mode.

THETA Z1 and SC2 have self-timer buttons on the main unit, and other models can easily activate the self-timer by pressing and holding the Wifi button and the power button at the same time.

Click here for instructions on how to set the self-timer mode.

②Self-timer + holding the sides

In case you want to reduce the size of your fingers in the frame but don’t have a selfie stick,

set self-timer mode, press the shutter button, and pinch THETA from both sides, and pose.

▼ How to hold the sides and the resulting photo ▼

Directly to the sides and just below the main unit are blind spots so they are not captured in the photo. Although they can’t be completely erased, it’s possible to minimize the size of your hands in the frame by changing the way you hold THETA.

③ Self timer + selfie stick

For perfect results, we recommend attaching a selfie stick to THETA and shoot in self-timer mode.

Just attach a selfie stick to THETA and shoot in self-timer mode. The possibilities become endless!

* More details are below in ‘THETA’s Shooting Techniques Using Selfie Sticks’!

④Self-timer + tripod

A tripod is recommended for shooting night lights or a starry sky so you can fix THETA in place for optimal photos..

Also, using a tripod makes it easy to shoot the entire subject.

With THETA, which can shoot 360 degrees at a wide angle even from a close distance, you can easily shoot a panoramic view simply by placing it on a tripod within 1 meter from the subject.

▼ Behind the scenes ▼

▼ The resulting photo ▼

[Taken by THETA]

⑤Self-timer + direct installation

Even if you don’t have a tripod, you can stand THETA directly on its bottom and shoot when it is stable.

Put THETA in the middle of the table and shoot with the self-timer, and you can take fun photos of the entire table and its surroundings.

▼ Behind the scenes ▼

▼ The resulting photo ▼

Plus, by standing THETA this way, you can create natural photos in which people can’t tell where THETA is.

Click here to learn how to shoot and edit food and people!

* If you place THETA directly on unstable surfaces or in windy places, please be careful in case it falls down and damages the lens.

⑤Self-timer + THETA accessories

The best way to shoot with THETA is with a selfie stick or a tripod. However, recently there are many places that don’t allow the use of long selfie sticks, such as theme parks.

In such cases, we recommend using accessories dedicated to THETA, such as attachments for straps and palm-size extension bar adapters.

[Attachments for THETA straps]

By holding the extension bar or attachment part with your hand and using it with a self-timer like with a selfie stick, you can shoot photos with minimal finger exposure.

Also, not only can you easily shoot with minimal finger exposure, but you can use THETA safely and easily, reducing the chance to drop it.

[Taken with the strap attachment]

THETA shooting techniques using a selfie stick

By extending a selfie stick with THETA pointed in various directions, you can take 360-degree photos of completely different atmospheres.

Regardless of the shooting situations, make sure THETA and the selfie stick are aligned.

Be careful, if THETA and the selfie stick are not aligned with each other, then the selfie stick will appear in the image.

① Raise the selfie stick up for aerial shots.

Set to self-timer mode and press the shutter button.

Just hold the selfie stick with THETA attached in your hand, extend the stick and hold it high up. Then pose as in the photo below, and you’ll get a photo like an aerial shot from above as if taken by a drone.

▼ Behind the scenes ▼

▼ The resulting photo ▼

②Extend a selfie stick forward for natural wide-angle selfies.

One of the features of THETA is that it has a top-and-bottom correction function, and images are always displayed as the sky is up, no matter what angle you shoot.

Just by extending the selfie stick forward, you can record the scenery and yourself naturally as if you had someone photograph you.

▼ Behind the scenes ▼

▼ The resulting photo ▼

③ Put the selfie stick on your shoulder for backshots.

Set the self-timer mode and press the shutter button. All you have to do is extend the monopod with THETA and put it on your shoulder, as in the photo below.

▼ Behind the scenes ▼

▼ The resulting photo ▼

The photo looks like it was shot by someone else from behind you.

Click here for more details on this ‘third person’ shooting style..

④ Point the selfie stick at your feet

You can shoot as if you were shooting you from below when you point the selfie stick with THETA extending straight to your feet,

Your legs look longer with the wide-lens effect.

Note: THETA and a selfie stick must be straight

Most selfie sticks allow you to change the angle of the mount or attachment point, but when using THETA with a selfie stick be sure to avoid having the camera attached with any angle. THETA and the selfie stick should be inline with each other.

If they are not inline then the selfie stick will be in the frame as in the photo below.

▼The selfie stick is in frame▼

By keeping THETA aligned with the selfie stick, you can take natural shots without the stick in the frame.

Play around with THETA pointed in various directions but be sure to keep it inline with the selfie stick!

How to make group photography fun with THETA

It is troublesome and difficult to take a group photo with a large number of people, isn’t it?

It happens sometimes that someone wasn’t in frame when shooting a selfie with a smartphone, or you struggle to get the atmosphere and everyone’s expressions in the moment.

THETA makes it easy to shoot group photos with a fun atmosphere.

▼ Behind the scenes ▼

▼ The resulting photo ▼

The goal is to be as close to THETA as possible.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of this shooting style.

How to edit with flowers all around

THETA suits flower photography very well.

When taking a picture of flowers, we recommend holding THETA as close as possible to the flower..

▼ The resulting photo ▼

▼ The image edited with the THETA+ app ▼

Try editing a 360-degree image with the THETA+ app.

Choose the “Little Planet” editing mode and flip it around.he image will look like you are surrounded by flowers.

Even with little flowers, the image can be easily edited into a fantastic flower-scape.

And that’s all there is to it!

Now it’s your turn to enjoy all the various ways you can shoot with THETA!!

Photo by: @ryography_713 / @snow_j / @suzuwanders / @minatymom /@___tsubaki / @a_yaka77