On the night of August 30, we held an accessory planning meeting attended by female THETA users at TABI LABO Cafe BPM close to Ikejiri-Ōhashi Station.

An overwhelming number of RICOH THETA users are men but recently the number of Instagram posts by women has been increasing.

So…with the feeling of “We want to have female users enjoy THETA more!” in mind, we invited 20 women who love and often use THETA to this event and gave them the opportunity to talk on the topic of “If I had this type of accessory, I would want to use THETA more” from a woman’s perspective.

The event began with the THETA Business Division Manager, a person from Kyoto who has a passion for ties and socks, greeting everyone.
He gave out some trivia saying “Did you know that 90% of THETA users are men?” and then talked nervously but passionately about the Business Division’s thoughts on THETA.

On the day of the event, we had this type of wonderful food and drink.
Rambling Kitchen created the menu and table coordination from scratch for the event.
They prepared wonderful food and deserts using fresh ingredients purchased straight from the farm and lovely drinks in the form of herb tea and fruit-flavored water.

Our employees also made original THETA flags just for this day!

People attending the event just had to smile as they looked at the cute and tasty looking food.
As the excitement rose, each table began to discuss what type of accessory they would like while they ate the delicious food!
Our employees joined the conversation and it became very lively.

There were some feminine opinions about what they wanted and we heard comments such as “I want to customize and make my THETA cute by dressing it up in an accessory” and “I would like to have a cute shoulder case that allows me to quickly take out and shoot photos with THETA”.

We also heard some practical and interesting ideas such as “I wish I could hide the tripod because it bothers me when I can see it in the shot!”
People who finished creating their idea planning sheet started on creating ideas for THETA decorations as well!
Everyone’s pen moved without stopping, filled with ideas, simply because they love and use THETA so much.

Then, finally it was time for each table to present their ideas!

Every table made their presentation filled with enthusiastic ideas and passionate thoughts precisely because of their love and frequent use of THETA.
*We will be featuring details of some of these ideas from time to time on the Facebook private group page “THETA Business Division, Branch Office (Temporary)” so be sure to apply to join the group if you are interested!
At the end, we took group photos with THETA of course!

As expected, everyone is so used to having their photo taken this way (lol).

After the event ended, there was no stopping the passionate discussion and photography session…

Incidentally, during the event we handed out event limited bags of which there are only 20 in the world, freshly made newly designed THETA stickers and THETA original straps that are much loved by our employees as well!

At the venue we displayed a full set of products and several prototypes that were made in the past before THETA was finally created.

Thank you everyone for coming to the event!
It was a very enjoyable night for us as well!