On November 10 (Saturday), we held an event to make maps embedded with 360-degree images shot using THETA of famous locations near Yokohama Chinatown. The location of the event was an experience space called “& ima (http://and-ima.jp/)” which is based on the theme of “A house to enjoy photos”.

This event was planned from the desire to discover never-before-seen new ways to enjoy THETA together with all its users and expand situations in which THETA is used to enhance 360-degree content from Ricoh and amana images, Japan’s largest photo stock service provider.

Notification of collaboration: https://topics.theta360.com/ja/news/2018-10-24/
We selected applicants from Facebook “THETA Business Division, Branch Office (Temporary)” and the RICOH IMAGING homepage and had just under 30 people participate in this event.

All of our staff were very much looking forward to seeing how these THETA users would take photos of famous tourist spots around Yokohama!
We were worried about the weather but it was a beautiful sunny day. The sky looked like art with its clear deep blue appearance, which was perfect for the photography meeting.

Mr. Fujiki, the THETA Business Division Manager greeted everyone. Ms. Mizutani, a member of staff, explained about the schedule and rules followed by Mr. Arai from amana, who explained about the stock photo service.

Everyone was split into 6 groups and gave a short introduction about themselves.

Many people were meeting for the first time but their conversation became lively as they talked about their photo work and photography equipment.
The meeting moved on to talk about strategies for shooting and talk heated up further with pointed opinions unique to THETA users that included questions such as “Where is the best place to take a good photo?” and “Will we be able to go around efficiently?”

With everyone excited and still much to talk about, we set off to shoot some photos.

After splitting into 6 groups from this point, it’s time to shoot some photos over about a 2 hour period.
Ricoh staff accompanied 3 groups to get a peek at what everyone was doing.

(1) Yamashita Pier area group
We walked through Yamashita Park and headed for the pier area.。

It’s a very open lying area because it opens onto the sea. However, it has few structures and challenges your photography skills and ability to know where to look for a good shot.
We wonder what kind of photo they will take and how it will turn out. We can’t wait to see!

(2) Yokohama Chinatown area group
In Chinatown, you are surrounded by Chinese food and souvenir shops. It is a place where you can take a photo anywhere and it will look like very picturesque.

Look at this, somebody is connecting 2 selfie sticks together and showing us a surprising technique to shoot from a very high viewpoint!

We were surprised to hear people on the street recognize the camera as they said “Oh, it’s THETA” and “That’s the camera that takes 360-degree photos”.

(3) Motomachi area group

This group started in Motomachi street, famous as a shopping area.

It’s a location that easily becomes monotonous when shooting photos. We wonder how they will shoot their photos here

Here you can see the idea of someone taking a photo after changing the point of view. Then the person shows it to everyone and they agree it was a good idea.

(Shooting ends)
…Thanks for working hard on your photos over the 2 hours!
We all returned to the cafe area inside &ima to unveil the images shot by each group.

During the friendly atmosphere while refreshments were being served, each group chose their best 2 photos and presented them along with the shooting technique used.

◯See the finished map here!
MEET to create a map using THETA

*This map is generated by a service referred to as THETA 360.biz that can save a RICOH THETA 360-degree image to the Cloud and generate content using a 360-degree image player on the subscriber’s website.

*Some parts of the image have not been published on the map due to publicity shown on buildings and other structures.
*Photos taken during the event can be viewed on Instagram using hashtag #thetamtg_map.
*The map is provided by the Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau.

After the presentation, it was time for everyone to chat freely.
We gave this T-shirt to all volunteers at the event as a novelty item.

We also showcased some THETA accessories and prototype/case models, which were popular with everyone.

We all talked non-stop until closing time. We heard that some people went on to have drinks at another place afterwards.

This is a group photo of everyone who came to the event and a video of what happened on the day!

As a first attempt, we recruited volunteer staff, prepared the event, and received help with reception work for all users who came to this event.
A big thanks to everyone who came to the event and those people who volunteered to help out!
We hope to continue having these fun meetings in the future.