On November 25 (Sunday), we held a lecture on how to enjoy THETA and a talk session with the Instagrammer urarie (Rie Urashima) at Knowledge Capital The Lab Active Studio located on the 2nd floor in the North Building of Grand Front Osaka.

People continued to arrive for the event as the doors to the venue opened from 1 p.m.

By 1:30 p.m., the venue was full and we finally started the lecture on how to enjoy THETA.

Mr. Fujiki, the THETA Business Division Manager started the event by greeting everyone nervously.
He mentioned that shooting with THETA makes people look at you suspiciously and everyone sympathized with this statement.

During the event, we introduced a wide range of information that included THETA’s various functions, tips such as ways to shoot so that your thumb is not visible in the shot and interesting shooting methods, and also editing methods using THETA+.

Everyone listened intently to the details that surprisingly many people do not know about.

After the lecture was the talk session to which urarie, the Instagrammer, was invited.
It seems that urarie has come to love and enjoy using THETA after borrowing it from her younger brother.

Urarie spoke freely about her own unique passion for THETA, points on shooting the camera, and how she edits her photos.

She also actually showed us live how she edits THETA photos.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration at her skillful editing method that allowed her to complete the photo just using a smartphone with full use of the app.

After the session had ended, we talked to urarie and took some photos.

After the event ended, we heard people praise it by saying “I really learned something today” and “There was so much information that I can now see the truth of it”.We hope to hold more lectures and talk sessions in the near future.

At the end, we took a group photo with people who came to the event.
Everyone raised their THETA in the air as they had studied!

We look forward to the next event!