At the THETA Official Photo Exhibition held from November 23 to 25 (Friday to Sunday), we recruited volunteers to set up the exhibition area and help in arranging the venue.
We’d like to report on what happened.
On the evening of the 22nd, the day before the exhibition was to start, the volunteers gathered at Knowledge Capital The Lab Active Studio located on the 2nd floor in the North Building of Grand Front Osaka, which was to be the venue.
The volunteers were split into several groups and shared the workload to prepare the exhibition area.
This group is removing past generations of THETA and prototype models from boxes and arranging them on desks to display at the event.

We asked a tall volunteer to set the lighting for exhibition panels. You’re so dependable!

After preparing the exhibition to some extent, we finally got to the main job of “putting up exhibition photos”.
We did this task carefully because if the photos are put up at a position that is even a little out of alignment, it will look bad…
We did this task through trial and error and used cardboard and such to ensure the photos were spaced equally apart.

We had previously decided how the exhibition photos would be arranged. However, when actually putting them up, we received opinions from people such as placing them a different way to give a better balance. This helped to make the layout better!

Finally, we attached caption boards to each photo to complete it!

Please take a look at the 360-degree time-lapse video of how everything looked!

At the end we got together with the volunteers who came to help out and had some refreshments.
We were able to ask them various things such as what situations they normally use THETA. We had a great time with them.
Once again, we would like to thank all the volunteers who came to help!
We will plan various events that include volunteers in the near future so we look forward to seeing you there.