On November 23 to 25 (Friday to Sunday), we held the RICOH THETA Official Photo Exhibition at Knowledge Capital The Lab Active Studio located on the 2nd floor in the North Building of Grand Front Osaka.

During the “I found it! The best THETA spot” photo exhibition held 4 times since January 2018, we asked people who attended the photo session and event to submit their work so we could put it on display. However, we opened up the submission to all of our users who love and use THETA regularly and held this event.

The theme this time was “Beauty is all around.”

THETA allows you to capture beautiful scenery and landscape you don’t notice by yourself and also enables you to create never-before-seen beautiful photos using all the image editing functions. This is one of the charms of THETA. So from Ricoh’s desire to spread the beautiful world seen by each of our users, we decided to hold this photo exhibition and adopt the slogan “Beauty is all around.” that was used when the first Ricoh THETA model went on sale in 2013.

During this photo exhibition, we showed 63 pieces of work inspired by beauty.。

Many people who don’t know about THETA came to the venue and showed their surprise for the world of THETA, which they had never seen before.

We set up caption boards for each photo containing QR codes to enable people to see the 360-degree image before it was edited. People compared the pre-edited 360-degree image with the work on display and this deepened their understanding for THETA.

We set up an experience space at the venue to enable people to view 360-degree photos taken using THETA, which many people enjoyed.

We would like to spread THETA’s charming view of the world together with all of our users in the near future.

We look forward to the next photo exhibition.