What is the THETA 360-degree camera?

THETA has two lenses, one on the front and one on the back, letting you capture an entire 360-degree space with one click. You can easily share the photos on social media.

How does a 360-degree camera make your trip better?

THETA makes it easy to take photos that are nearly impossible to get with a smartphone.

It’s not a good time for travel these days, but how about going on a virtual trip through 360-degree images taken with THETA.

A superb 360-degree trip!

Lisbon, Portugal is a hilly town, making for plenty of spectacular vantage points.
The image below was taken from a hill-top lookout in Lisbon with the THETA 360-degree camera.

▼Try moving the image around in any direction!

With an ordinary camera, you can capture only a part of the landscape you see.

But with THETA, you can play back your memories as spectacular 360-degree views and relive your journey.

Memories in 360 degrees

THETA makes it possible to capture an entire space in one shot even from up close.

The image below was taken with THETA at Huyen Khong Cave in Vietnam, a unique and mysterious space where light shines through the holes in the ceiling and fills the cave with beams of light.

With a THETA 360-degree camera, you can save the scene just as you remember it, seeing the texture in the cave walls, the atmosphere of the light shining through the ceiling directly above—the entire space as you really saw it!

THETA is great for capturing the atmosphere of any space or location.

THETA is great for capturing the atmosphere of any space or location.

You can preserve all your experiences, not only the splendid vistas, but also the hotel you stayed at, the restaurant you enjoyed, the atmosphere inside the buildings you visited, not to mention the beautiful interiors of churches or museums.

Shared spaces

Would you like to look back on the pleasant atmosphere on your trip and the scenery you saw together with your loved ones?

THETA lets you remember the happy feelings of the moment, as if you were there, whenever you look back on your photos.

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For now cherish your time at home.

But next time you get to go out, capture your experiences in full 360-degrees so that you can relive them forever!

THETA makes it more fun to look back on your memories.

Photo credits:@_07230, @290_360, @erika520anko