What is the THETA 360-degree camera?

THETA has two lenses, one on the front and one on the back, letting you capture an entire 360-degree space with one click. You can easily share the photos on social media.

THETA makes it easy to take photos that are nearly impossible to get with an ordinary camera.

It’s hard to go to the mountains now, but even in this situation, you can enjoy a realistic travel atmosphere with 360-degree images taken with THETA!

A stunning 360-degree view from the peak

As the name suggests, Mt. Yarigatake (litellary ‘Spear Mountain’) has a sharp peak.

Imagine vistas stretching as far as the eye can see from the summit of Yarigatake!

This 360-degree image was taken with THETA at the summit.

▼Try moving the image around in any direction!

Not only can you see the Hida mountain range surrounding Mt. Yarigatake, but you can also make out the rocky slopes at their feet.

Aerial style photography with a monopod

You can shoot by holding THETA in your hand and pressing the shutter button, but when using a monopod (selfie stick), you can also take aerial shots from above.

You can capture the scenery of the Japanese Southern Alps in 360 degrees while including yourself in the scene as if the photo was taken from high above.

The starry sky in the mountains

When you stay at a mountain lodge or tent, you might be lucky enough to witness a fabulous starry sky.

This star-filled image was taken near the summit of Mt. Shirouma by affixing THETA to a tripod.

With an ordinary camera, you can just capture a part of the landscape before you.

THETA lets you capture not only the expansive Milky Way overheard, but also views of the surrounding mountains and the atmosphere of the sea of clouds below. You can feel it in the photo as it really is.

An adventure with friends

Perhaps the best part of mountaineering is deepening the bond with your friends when you climb together.

With THETA, you can remember the atmosphere, the scenery you saw, and the moments you spent with your closest friends, all in magnificent 360 degrees.

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For now cherish your time at home.

But next time you get to go out, capture your experiences in full 360-degrees so that you can relive them forever!

THETA makes it more fun to look back on your memories.

Photo by @suzuwander,@yokotatu915,@raychell_29