THETA, a 360-degree camera, is often used not only for leisure purposes such as travel and outdoor activities but also for work.
We interviewed THETA user Noriyuki, who uses his THETA extensively in his personal life and also at his job. He tells us how he gets the most out of his THETA.

【Taken with THETA:The campground】

Getting the most out of THETA at work

Please tell us how you started using THETA.

About four years ago, I heard about THETA from a friend of mine. It got me interested so I purchased THETA SC. Currently, I use THETA V.
At first, I intended to use it in my spare time.But since I got into it, I realized that it would be useful for my work as well. Now I use it regularly, about fifty-fifty at work and in my private life.

What kind of work do you do?

I’m a supervisor at construction sites for office buildings and condos. I manage the safety and schedules of the sites.

【Taken with THETA: Progress of a building under construction】

I take normal photos that are a requirement for my job during the construction process, but I also take THETA photos for personal records.

Specifically, in which situations do you use THETA in your work?

I don’t really care about the exact timing in particular. When I feel like it, I take a snapshot.

I just take photos freely throughout the day, but later, I might be trying to recall details about the site. So it’s great to be able to check back in full 360° photos. I might see a problem that I didn’t notice when I took the photo.

Of course, all of the details are also recorded in the blueprints, but it is helpful to be able to confirm them in a 360° photo.

*Powerd by THETA biz.

Sometimes, even though I confirmed everything on site during construction, I might have some doubts after the fact, so again it’s nice to be able to put my mind at ease by referencing the photos I took with THETA.

THETA makes it easy to capture everything with just two button presses: the power button and then the shutter button—that’s it! With one shot I can capture everything in 360 degrees. Even if I didn’t intend to, THETA captures the floor, walls, ceiling, and anything else I might not notice in my direct line of sight.

Getting the most out of THETA in personal life

It seems that you often use THETA in your outdoor hobbies as well.

Yes, I use it when I travel as well, but I often go camping with my friends so that’s when I use it the most.

After we set up our tents, THETA lets me record the entire camp in one shot.

【Taken with THETA:The campground】

How do you usually shoot with THETA?

When I’m at work, I often hold it in my hand and press the shutter button.
In my free time, I sometimes shoot handheld, and sometimes use a monopod or a tripod.

【Taken with THETA】

When I took a trip to Hawaii, I tried underwater photography using the underwater housing.

【Taken with THETA:In Hawaii】

Thank you for using THETA a lot at work as well as in your private life.
Please keep getting the most out of THETA in all kinds of situations!

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