What’s a THETA 360-degree camera?

THETA has one lens on each side of its body letting it capture the whole scene in 360 degrees with just a single push of a button. And you can easily share your photos on social media.

What’s good about THETA?

THETA allows you to shoot scenes, like the ones below, easily with a single shot—something that is very difficult on a smartphone.

Get the ultimate selfie – see yourself immersed in spectacular vistas!

It’s surprisingly difficult to take a picture of yourself while also capturing the scenery. ​With an ordinary camera, the view ends up looking small in the photo. And if you want more of it then you have to ask passersby for help.

But with THETA, you can easily get it in one shot—both the magnificent view and yourself in the moment, impressed by it all.

▼Try moving the image around in any direction!▼

Capture landmark buildings in a single epic shot!

When you come across wonderful architecture and cityscapes you probably want to capture the scene in photos. However, hard as you may try to capture the amazing architecture with your smartphone, it just doesn’t do it justice.

THETA to the rescue: it lets you easily take a photo of a skyscraper right next to you and capture its impressive stature, all while even getting you into the shot as a bonus!

Mealtime photos: capture the food, yourself, and the atmosphere of the surroundings!

Dining out is often an experience worth remembering. However, with a smartphone it’s easy to just end up with pictures of the food but no shots of the restaurant itself or its atmosphere, which makes for a dull experience when you look back through your photos.

With THETA, you can record more than just photos—you capture memories! You can almost taste the food, feel the atmosphere of the restaurant, and see yourself having a good time, so you can clearly recall the experience!

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Capture your experiences and the places you visited in their entirety so you can look back at your day with a smile!