RICOH THETA SC2 for Business is a new 360 degree camera for professionals released this year.

Here we fully explain its purpose, product features, differences from THETA SC2, and how to get the most out of it!

What is the new RICOH THETA SC2 for Business?

RICOH THETA SC2 for Business is based on the entry-level 360-degree camera RICOH THETA SC2, but it is now also equipped with functions suitable for professionals in industries such as real estate and used car sales.

Example shot of real estate: Taken with the preset mode “ROOM”

The camera’s main function is a newly developed preset called “ROOM.” ROOM is an HDR mode that corrects the difference between bright exteriors and dark interiors when shooting indoors or in a car. When you turn on THETA, it goes straight into ROOM mode, so you can immediately shoot HDR composite images.

It is also equipped with a “Time Shift” function that allows the photographer to take pictures without being in frame even when there is no place to hide. Another function not present on the regular THETA SC2 but added to the SC2 for Business is the ability to set “Time Shift” via the self-timer setting.

Function comparison between THETA SC2 for business and THETA SC2

* ROOM mode is essentially HDR composite shooting so a tripod is required.

Of course, you can easily switch to the regular AUTO mode with the Mode button on THETA. However, the new business model is meant for a wide variety of business uses as well as many other kinds of scenes!

What kind of scenes is the new THETA SC2 for Business best for?

This makes ROOM mode ideal for shooting real estate and the interior of a car.

↑ Taken with ROOM mode: greatly reduced overexposure and underexposure

↑ Taken with AUTO: Overexposure and underexposure are likely to occur

Also, it is perfect for verification photos in outdoor construction work. By using ROOM, it is possible to record the site much more clearly.

↑ Taken with ROOM mode: greatly reduced overexposure and underexposure

↑ Taken with AUTO: Overexposure and underexposure are likely to occur

Recommended usage

THETA SC2 for Business always activates with ROOM mode as default. Furthermore, self-timer and Time Shift are useful functions used with ROOM.

After connecting THETA to your smartphone via WiFi you can set the self-timer duration (2, 5, and 10 seconds) or enable/disableTime Shift on the ROOM mode setting screen of the THETA basic app.

THETA eye on smartphone screen: Select Time Shift in shooting settings (R) from the ROOM mode (L)

Once set up, the options are applied to ROOM mode. When THETA starts up, you can use the customized ROOM mode without connecting the THETA and your phone via WiFi.

Example of Time Shift Shooting

One of the major features of THETA SC2 for Business is Time Shift, which used to only be available as a downloadable plug-in only for THETA V and THETA Z1. However, Time Shift is pre-installed on THETA SC2 for Business, so it’s ready to use from the moment you first turn on the camera.

* When THETA activates, it is set to ROOM mode by default, but you can also switch to the normal AUTO mode (camera icon) by pressing the Mode button on the side of the camera or in the THETA app on your phone.

* Time Shift can be set only with the ROOM preset (when shooting HDR composites).

* When shooting in ROOM mode, a tripod is required as it is HDR composite shooting.

* The preset ROOM mode of THETA SC2 for Business and HDR compositing in “Option Settings” of THETA SC2 and THETA SC2 for Business are essentially the same shooting mode but they are accessed differently.

Get the most out of THETA beyond business scenes

RICOH THETA SC2 for Business is very well suited for professional use but also great for those who frequently shoot HDR composites using a tripod, such as landscapes.

However, as mentioned, SC2 for Business activates in ROOM mode by default, which is an HDR composite mode that requires a tripod. So, we recommend the standard THETA SC2 for those who want to take pictures handheld or on a monopod in a more easygoing manner!

RICOH THETA SC2 for Business is useful in many professional settings.

Look here for more detailed examples!

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