Introducing the new TW-1 underwater housing for RICOH THETA 360° camera.

What is an underwater housing?

An underwater housing is a case that protects the camera when it is submerged underwater.

By using the underwater housing, you can enjoy taking 360 degree photos safely while scuba diving or while enjoying aquatic activities in rivers or lakes.

Product overview and features of TW-1

The TW-1 underwater housing is a RICOH THETA dedicated waterproof housing which can be used up to a depth of 30m (IPX8, JIS protection class 8 equivalent) that allows 360° shooting underwater. The case has a special design that considers the refractive index of light in water so that it can capture beautiful, nearly seamless images that are unique to THETA, even underwater. The case surface has a hard coating that is scratch-resistant and an AR coating that suppresses reflections.

In addition, THETA SC2 and THETA V* support “underwater” white balance mode making it easier to get clear images. While using the housing underwater you can turn the camera on/off, switch between still image and video shooting mode, and press the release button to take photos. Also, it has a tripod screw mount so you can attach it to various camera accessories.

*Make sure to update both the camera firmware and the app to the latest version.


● Waterproof up to 30m (JIS protection class 8 equivalent) full-scale housing

● Making 360-degree underwater shooting possible with THETA

● Great item for snorkeling and scuba diving

Accessories: soft case, strap, anti-condensation sheet, scratch prevention sheet, instruction manual for THETA S

Supported models: RICOH THETA V, SC2, SC, S (requires attaching the included silicon frame)

For simple drip-protection, we have the TH-1 drip-proof polycarbonate hard case.

TW-1 appearance

Some photos showing detailed views of the case.

Putting THETA in the underwater housing


Tripod screw mount

It is possible to attach a monopod or other external accessories.

How to use

Attach a scratch prevention sheet before using.

Use the included silicon frame for THETA S.

Remove the lock and insert THETA all the way in.

Press the lock until you hear a click.

It’s ready to go!

The housing is buoyant underwater. Remember to use a strap to avoid losing your device!

Give it a try for waterside leisure activities when you’re at the beach, in the mountains, or a river, and of course for snorkeling and scuba diving!

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