While summer vacation plans may look a little different this year than anticipated, you can still step outside and enjoy the warm weather no matter your location. Whether you’re taking a swim, hiking through nature, or enjoying the serenity of your backyard, be sure to capture some beautiful 360-degree photos along the way with your THETA camera! Let’s explore some of our top photo-op recommendations for the summer months.

Coastal Scenes and Underwater

For all the coastal dwellers, white sand and blue waters make a great backdrop for a photoshoot. The bright colors of beach scenes can make your 360 images pop, and the ocean’s vibrant textures will add life to miniature THETA globes. Taking your camera under the sea is another option, and it can record your underwater exploration from any angle!

There are a few tips you should know before taking the dive. First, you’ll need to protect your THETA with a waterproof case: the TW-1 housing. As THETA cameras aren’t waterproof themselves, you’ll need to suit it up before bringing it with you in the water.

Next, make sure you install helpful plug-ins like “Self-Timer Locked,” which will help you conserve battery life and allows you to utilize the camera on a monopod!

Speaking of monopods, consider bringing one down in order to get close-up shots of the underwater wildlife.

Camping and Nature Scenes

Moving to a drier topic (but just as fun), let’s talk camping and photographing nature around you. There are plenty of ways to photograph your natural surroundings, whether it’s a close-up of flowers or a panoramic shot of open plains and hills. Head to a local park for a quick picture, or pack up and take a road trip to a national park for some in-depth exploration – you might even find some local animals to photograph!

Camping shot in 360 degree

Flower shot in 360 degree edited by @nicolosimonetti

Before you head outside, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you capture seamless images.

Remote shooting and tripods will be your best friend in nature. If you have a camera stand available, you can always plant your camera in the right spot, hide, and snap your photo remotely on the THETA smartphone app or a Bluetooth-enabled control. If tripods aren’t your style, no problem! Try downloading the “Time Shift Shooting” plug-in – this will allow you to photograph a scene with each half of the camera individually, so you can move out of the way depending on the side being used!

Click here for some tips on how to shoot on your THETA without being in the frame!

Staying Safe and Shooting At Home

If a road trip isn’t in the books for you, and you’d like to be safe at home, you can still explore new sights and heights from your couch! Check out a mountain experience or a taste of camping for some inspiration, and try taking some creative interior photos of your home!

The THETA+ editing app can do wonders for your raw footage, and can transform a mundane image into a masterpiece.

There are countless opportunities to get creative with your THETA camera in nature, all while socially distanced. Check out the tips and articles we’ve mentioned throughout this guide, go outside, and get in touch with your inner nature photographer!

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Waterproof case

Self-Timer Locked plug-in and Monopod

Using a Tripod

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Editing with THETA+ app

Photography Credits: @snow_j, @miss._yu_, @nicolosimonetti, Ludwig, Esther Choi, Erika Scott, @takapyon_gram