360-degree photography is great for leisurely activities and travel, but it’s also a valuable asset in the business world in more ways than you might think. The THETA camera series is utilized by pros across several industries like real estate, hospitality, construction and design, and even in law offices. If you think you could benefit from a 360-degree camera at work, keep reading to learn more.

Interior designers and architects: tips for showcasing design work

As an interior designer, capturing all the grand and minute details of a space is essential – your THETA 360 camera can capture every nook and cranny. We’ve previously spoken with a designer who shared the sheer versatility of the THETA 360 camera in capturing beautiful and useful imagery of retail spaces and weddings. Some businesses like restaurants and hotels can also take advantage of 360-degree video and imagery to shoot their interiors and drive foot traffic and spending from interested customers.

Realtors: using 360 photography to make listings stand out

With social distancing guidelines all around, the real estate industry is also seeing the many benefits of 360-degree imagery. Virtual tours are the new norm, and utilizing a THETA 360 camera can save time and money for realtors looking to gather photos and videos of a property.

Construction, contractors, engineering: photographing construction sites, plumbing and electric work

And what would real estate be without the construction workers, plumbers, and electricians that put those homes together? THETA 360 cameras can survey construction sites from every angle to ensure worker safety and proper collaboration across all facets of construction. Construction professionals can also utilize a combination of their THETA camera and StructionSite to combine quality images with a simple collaboration platform that keeps all projects moving in sync.

Lawyers: An unexpected industry for 360 photography use

Our last and probably most surprising use for THETA 360 cameras is photographing incident sites for court cases. In a recent conversation we had with a lawyer, he shared his experience using a THETA camera to collect images at the site of a traffic accident, helping him gather all the necessary details to build his case at the office. So for all the lawyers out there, grab a THETA camera before your next case!

Biologists: capturing wildlife in 360

Moving out of civilized spaces and into the wild, natural sciences can benefit from all-encompassing imagery, particularly biologists looking to capture candid wildlife behavior. While well-placed, regular cameras may capture useful footage, the unpredictability of nature can lead to moments flying off-screen quickly. With a THETA 360 camera, your footage can extend in all directions, allowing for proper and higher-quality observations.

Biologists and lawyers have few things in common, but the need for 360 images is one of them. An overarching solution for professionals across industries is the THETA SC2 for Business – a camera built specifically for on-the-job photography. This camera comes installed with the “Time Shift” plugin and a “Room” setting perfect for HDR composite images and quality full-room imagery.

After seeing this versatility across the board, think about your own job and how a THETA camera could benefit your work. We’d love to hear your experiences in the office and out in the field.

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Photography Credits:

Mami Misawa, Yoshitatsu Ogawa, @nicolosimonetti