Everything you need to know about Lens Cap TL-1 for THETA V/SC and Lens cap TL-2 for THETA Z1.

Product features and details

Features: compact, dedicated cap that protects the lens.

Thanks to the special lining and design, the lens does not get scratched when the cap is put on or removed. And it can be attached to the bottom of THETA, offering additional stability when placing THETA on a flat surface.

Lens Cap TL-1
Compatible models: RICOH THETA V, RICOH THETA SC

Lens Cap TL-2

Compatible models: RICOH THETA Z1

Product appearance

The outer layer is made of PC (polycarbonate), a hard material suitable for protective caps.

The interior is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) that is relatively soft compared to PC, and it has a matte finish .
Although it is hard to see, elastic rubber is attached to the bottom inside the cap, which works as a stopper when THETA is inserted.

Shown attached to THETA.

The caps can also be attached to the bottom.

Comparison with the included soft case and THETA Z1

The lens cap offers extra protection against external damage, such as direct impacts on the lens.

Tips for removal

Both TL-1 and TL-2 are intentionally difficult to remove in order to prevent accidental removal of the lens cap.

Follow these steps for easy removal.

1)When the cap is attached, pinch the cap on the broad sides (where the logo is visible).

2)Push the cap up and away from THETA to remove it.

Once you get accustomed to the motion, you’ll be able to get the cap on and off with ease.

You can rest easy knowing that the lens is well protected with a lens cap that does not come off easily, while also being sure that it will not interfere with your workflow.

TL-1 and TL-2 expanded usage scenarios

✓ Protects the lens, and is safe to hold.

✓ Allows THETA to be stored standing on your desk.

✓ Can be used as a quick shooting stand by attaching the cap to the bottom.

*The cap will be somewhat in frame.

A message from the project manager

We interviewed Mr. Shimizu, the project manager.

What is the beauty of this cap?

The most appealing point is that you can snuggly protect the lens. By adding a resin layer to the base component, it becomes a two-color mold that combines characteristics that cannot be achieved with a single material. This allows the cap to protect the lens in a way not possible if it was made from a single material.

Why did you design this product?

In surveys, users said the attached soft case doesn’t feel secure against pressure and impacts, and THETA can fall over when standing it on its end during shooting.

Therefore, I wanted to make a product that can be used as a lens cap and as a stand, solving two problems at once.

Who is this product for?

Of course, I want all THETA users to use it (laughs).

But in particular, I think that users who have already purchased the dedicated selfie stick TM-2 or TM-3 will find this cap especially useful.

This cap allows instant access to the controls, so you can seamlessly get ready to shoot: “turn on the power, remove the cap, and extend the selfie stick.”

Tell us a story from ‘behind the scenes.’

The feel of putting on and taking off the cap is very delicate. We designed and prototyped it by varying the thickness of the shell by 0.01 mm for each unit, and took into account the subtle differences.

As a result, we made more than 100 prototypes for each model.

We worked very hard to ensure it does not fall off due to a poor fit while THETA is being carried or held.

That’s it. We hope you will find this information useful as a reference for using THETA!

For more details, please visit the product page.