Regular selfies require enough practice as is, so who in their right mind would try a selfie in 360 degrees? We actually recommend it! There are several ways to improve your selfies with a RICOH THETA, and we’ll walk you through them here. With the right touch and creativity, you’ll be getting your best angles from every angle.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a conversation on selfies without mentioning the selfie stick! Without the worries of awkward fingers and close-ups, the selfie stick is a simple solution for most. A broader reach also allows you to capture larger and more scenic backgrounds to give your photo more depth and appeal – not to mention its usefulness for vacations and tourist-y selfies).

Keep in mind that most selfie sticks allow you to change the angle of the mount or attachment point, but when using a THETA, be sure to avoid having the camera attached at any angle. If there is an angle, the selfie stick will remain in the frame of your photo, whereas keeping it aligned with your THETA camera will provide a seamless image.

Back shot

Selfies don’t always have to be front-facing either. Throw your selfie stick on your shoulder and you can snap backshots with self-timer mode to capture images so seamless they look like third-person photographs! This technique is perfect for moments where you’re on the move, or don’t have someone to take that really cool photo for you!

Remote shooting

If you take the next step to remote shooting, you can turn your selfie into a self-portrait. There are two methods you can use to shoot remotely, both offering ample opportunity for fun poses: self-timer mode and a bluetooth controller. The self-timer mode comes built in to your THETA, giving you plenty of time to get going and posing! If you don’t want to pose on the clock, the JOBY Impulse controller is compatible with THETA cameras and enables you to take your selfie wherever at the push of a button.

Dual selfie

Building off the self-timer method, you can step up your group selfies – especially when dining out – with the dual selfie edit on the THETA+ app. Be sure to stay at eye level with your camera, set the time, and smile! Once the image is taken and uploaded to the THETA+ editing app, you can select the “Dual Screen” option to share a single selfie of you and your pals.

<Edited image>

<Original 360 degree image>

Face preset

With all these methods and tips, you’re almost set to get started! We have one final bit of advice to share, though. If poor lighting is dampening your selfie-taking mood, our THETA SC2 camera can solve the issue alongside your smartphone! By connecting your smartphone to the THETA SC2, you can select the “Face” preset to brighten your face and make it pop in the photo. So if you’re on the fence for which THETA camera to buy and selfies are a big deal, be sure to consider this feature.

It’s time to put these ideas to good use, so get out there and step up your selfies.

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Photo Credits:@chicapaya, @minatymom103