A new season brings new opportunities for beautiful 360° photography, and those opportunities span a wide range of scenery and situations. Various colors and textures are introduced to us with fall weather, and RICOH  THETA 360 camera can help you capture them in a unique and memorable way. From carving pumpkins to stuffing yourself with stuffing on Thanksgiving, we’ll walk through the ways you can incorporate your THETA camera in your fall plans.

Unless you reside in the tropics, then the coming months will bring vibrant colors to the foliage around you. Hues of red, yellow, and orange offer a new color palette for your photography, and even the simplest photo with a tunnel vision edit on the THETA+ app can bring the season to life on your screen. Make sure to maintain the proper distance to allow for as much color as possible, and snap away.

Keeping these ideas in mind, we can apply them to another foliage photo-op – apple picking. It’s a fun traditional activity in the fall months, with rewarding flavors and scenery for those that venture to the orchards. To fully take advantage of your surroundings, we recommend checking out these tips from a seasoned THETA 360 veteran on shooting outdoors!

▼Try moving the image around in any direction!▼

If you’re thinking of extending your outdoor stay for a camping trip, you can also extend the possibilities for using 360 photography to capture your experience.

▼Shooting scene▼

Capturing the whole camping crew is a breeze with 360 photography, but as with any outdoor venture, we’d also recommend photographing the nature around you in all its glory. It’s possible to do so without including yourself and others in the image by using the “Time-Shift Shooting” plug-in on the THETA app. Looking skyward, nothing beats the star-riddled skies visible in the wild, and you can use the THETA app to adjust your camera’s settings for optimal starry sky photoshoots, even based on the position of the moon!

If camping is not in the cards this fall, but you’d still like to enjoy the scenery in 360 degrees, you can check out some of our favorite images here.

We couldn’t talk about fall without bringing up its spookiest holiday – Halloween! Whether you’ve gathered the trick-or-treating gang, or you just carved an amazing jack-o-lantern, your THETA 360 camera can elevate the occasion with a few simple edits on the THETA+ app and a creative approach.

Another theme worthy of a 360 photo is family and food. With Thanksgiving at the tail end of the season, you’ll get the perfect chance to show off your THETA 360 camera for family and friends. Instead of dealing with the fuss of cramming everyone together in a standard frame, “wow” the Thanksgiving party with an easy family photo right from the dinner table.

All it takes is a monopod and self-timer mode! The same goes for fun group selfies after the leftovers have been put away. Worried about wrangling all the kids together for a photo? We have some expert advice from Sao, a mom and lover of all things 360.

Did we forget to mention the food? The best way to capture your Thanksgiving spread is by bunching the dishes as close as you can to your THETA camera and snapping a photo. Once that’s done, transfer your image(s) to the THETA+ editing app and use the “tiny planet” edit for a delicious end product.

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas for the season ahead. As always, remember to share your favorite 360 photos on social media and tag us – we love seeing your creations!

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Credit: @tetsu_photo2, @katia_mi, @snow_j, @mamimisawa, @allaboardthefraytrain, @pentaxagram