360 degree photos have become more and more popular in a variety of professions, especially interior design. There are many benefits of using a RICOH THETA 360 degree camera to optimize your business to attract new customers and differentiate your brand. So let’s explore how you can shoot and edit your way to a better interior design business.

When visiting a client’s home or a venue for an event for the first time, capturing the room in its entirety can be extremely helpful for planning out designs. Taking a 360 degree image or video allows designers to reference the layout and sizing of different elements so that they can work with confidence. Additionally, once the project is complete, the space can be easily viewed in one cohesive shot to make adjustments to the decor as needed.

▼Try moving the image around in any direction!▼

An interior designer Mami Misawa shared that this was one of her favorite features of the RICOH THETA cameras. “I measured the size of the window frame and ceiling on site, but it’s difficult to figure out how the whole room fits together even with photos of individual parts. But with the 360-degree image taken with THETA, the whole space can be seen at a glance with one image,” she shared.

A common challenge for interior designers is shooting indoors if the room is not well lit or if there are windows present on one side causing overexposure and unwanted shadows. The RICOH THETA SC2 for Business is especially helpful for this issue with the “Room Mode” preset that corrects the difference between brightness and darkness indoors. It also includes a “Time Shift” option to ensure the photographer is not captured in the shot.

Plug-in* features can be helpful, such as the “Underside Cover” that removes accidental fingers or tripod legs that snuck into the shot.

<Sample images edited with Underside Cover plugin>

*The Android™ base OS RICOH THETA model can expand various types of function via plug-in just like adding functions to your smartphone by installing the app.

Overall, 360 degree images are a fantastic option for interior designers to showcase their work and transport viewers into the space they design. These photos can help you stand out amongst competitors in the industry and offer a unique perspective. If you take a photo of your interior design projects with our RICOH THETA models, be sure to tag us on social media! We love to see what incredible things you create for your business.

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Credit : Mami Misawa, @esther_choi, Shawna Rodgers