Unless you live near the equator, chances are your winter wonderland is already beginning (and winter doesn’t even begin for another 2 weeks!). Before all the bells and whistles of the season present themselves to you, let’s explore how you can take advantage of them with your THETA 360 degree camera. From skiing trips to watching a TV marathon next to the fireplace, every winter activity presents an opportunity to shoot beautiful content.

Think about winter for a moment – what’s the first image that comes to mind when you do? Odds are there’s snow involved, so let’s head outside for our first stop in winter photography. Regardless of your location, both rural and urban areas can make for beautiful scenes in the snow (though in the absence of snow, rural environments may be a bit more barren). With snow-covered treetops and skyscrapers alike, tiny planet photos are out top choice for capturing the magic.

It’s not all necessarily in the scenery alone, though, as winter activities and sports like ice skating, skiing, and even a simple snowball fight can serve as an exciting photo-op. These activities also put you in unique locations including ice lakes and rinks, mountainous terrain and the most unique of all: your backyard (because why else would you go out to your yard while it’s snowing?). In addition to still imagery, we recommend screwing your THETA camera to a monopod and filming your experience, whether you’re skating figure eights or riding a gondola!

Another iconic aspect of the winter months is the holidays that come with them! These special times bring new colors, experiences, and subjects for your camera to capture like Christmas light displays and more. There’s so much to discuss around the holidays that we’re going to delve into it a bit later, so stay tuned for more festive guidance.

On second thought, we’ll share one small tip to whet your appetite: whether you shoot during the day or at night, we recommend using exposure compensation or HDR rendering to balance the lighting in your photography, especially if you’re shooting bright and elaborate light fixtures and want to maintain high levels of detail.


No one in their right mind would spend the majority of their time outdoors in the winter, so we should obviously discuss the place most of us will spend our time to escape the cold – our living rooms! If you want to show off your exquisite interior design taste or your relevant winter decor, you may recall that THETA 360 cameras are the perfect tool for fully capturing indoor environments in full detail. Try positioning your camera in a centralized location so you can do your cozy setup justice, and if you’d like to keep yourself out of the shot, check out how to use time shift shooting here

Now that we’ve gone over the basic ideas of 360 photography in the winter, we’ll let you zip up your coat and jump in the snowy action for yourself. Just make sure to tag us on social media when you post your content!

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Credit: AlexEtJeremy, @yohei_sawamura, @snow_j